Newbie Help Needed!

Hey, so im super new and im just gonna put all my ebarassing questions here and try and get some answers!

Please help me!

Soooo here we go i guess?
#1 How on earth do you put buildings into storage? i mean ones you have already built and placed. I cant figure it out to save my life.

#2 Is there a way to level up dragons that INST battle?

#3 HOW DO YOU GET ARMOR!!! it looks so cool

#4 So, the water dragon thing? Yeah um how do you " Shoot down dragons in his name"?

#5 Howwww do you defend a base? ive been trying but im hopless i tell you now. like i dont get it, somone explain?

#6 What is the best way to efficiently breed new dragons? atm im just aquiring egg token things then spamming the breed 1 egg button until i get the one i want?

Thats it for now i think so please help me out here!!!


Welcome :beers:

Good job finding the forums so quick. We’ll help you get up and running quickly.

Use reds breeding guide

Hi :wave: welcome to war dragons. I’d love to help you. Message me in game and I’ll do what I can. I’ll be online in a few hours.



Join a team, if u have not, and make sure they have atlas, most team are more the willing to help


u click a building then click store

after it ends u can lvl it up

for rider u get in forge when u are lvl 45 and dragon u can’t get anymore

u have to kill 20 dragons by defending bases

u click defend teammate or defend ur self and use supershots and the hammer, sword and sheild

use tokens and mystic fragments in breeding event only (u unlock events at lvl 10) also use reds breeding guide. At lvl 50 u will unlock instant breed which will help :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi and welcome. I am happy to see someone so excited for the game.
Alot of these questions are easier answered in game through your team.

Do you have a team as yet if not that should honestly be your first step. There is a lot of things that will can overwhelm a new player. So here goes.

  1. Storing towers.
    You shouldn’t need to do this often. But when you want to click the tower and there should be a button to store it.
    In regards to building towers focus on a few “build up not out”.

  2. INST??? You can’t level up a dragon mid battle. You can level up your dragon when battle completes or on your home base screen from the bottom left. Xp is obviously earnt through battle. If the base your attacking is the same or higher level than you you will get max xp. You also get bonus xp for the first 3 attacks each day (x5 x4 x3 xp).

  3. Unfortunately dragon armor is no longer available, I agree it looks awesome.

  4. The water dragon is earnt for killing 20 dragons when defending your own base or a team mates base.

  5. Defending a base.
    You have 3 consumables. The hammer the sword and the shield. Each item is a drag and drop it should cover 5 towers when placed well.
    The hammer repairs damage, the shield adds hp and looks like a blue shield around each tower. The sword is a bonus to attack and makes the towers look orange.

You also get supershots. Each tower has a supershot function (click the tower in the home screen and the info button).
You have a limited number of shots that refill with each new dragon the atracker uses.

  1. This is tricky. At a low level you should breed when and build when you can but follow a breeding guide like reds best. (Just google search). The reason for this is that egg tokens are a real restriction to growth in this game. It may seem like you have a lot now but the dragons get expensive quick.
    Each season (linked to real seasons) events take place and it will become best practice to wait for breed events to breed (you earn points) and fort events to build (more points)

Hope this helps.
Feel free to pm me for more info and if you need a team, there are plenty of people on the forum who would love to grab a new excited player.


Welcome to War Dragons! :kissing_heart:


Good to note that only regular attacks count for this, pvp attacks, atlas attack etc won’t count for the 20.


I’m late to the party :sweat_smile:

Hello and welcome to War Dragons! Here are some links to start.

  1. This chart above is a pretty handy breakdown of each tower’s purpose. It doesn’t include new towers though.

A short base will be strong for your tier and relatively cheap to maintain. Try to keep your towers within the first 3 islands. So a total of 15 towers including your farms.

  1. Morreion’s Neonwardragons has stats for all the current towers, riders and lots more.

  1. Red’s best breeding path as mentioned by others is the best path to follow to breed only the dragons you need to advance to the next tier. Helping you save your tokens too.
  1. TheGrind has an excellent video on how to spend sigils. They have a video for every season.

Basically, the discount dragon and tower branch (electrum branch) is good to claim when just starting out. The tower branch gives a lot of timers which is helpful for advancing throught he game.

All the best! :hugs::hugs:


Welcome to the game! Apart from everything already being mentioned, make sure you get onto a high activity team ASAP. Each weekly event features both personal and team prizes, and those extra prizes from being on a decent team really add up.

You’ll figure things out as you go along, but in terms of your base, focus on building fewer towers (5 for now, excluding farms and mills) and level those up as much as possible, rather than building lots of baby towers. This way you’ll see a lot more victories in your defense reports :wink:

Also umm the water dragon is cool but is near useless.


I’m guessing you’re asking for alternate ways to level up dragons besides flying them in battle? If you are, there are two alternates (but I would only use the first option as the second one is expensive and not worth it).

  1. You can collect and use ‘potions’ to artificially add XP to your dragons. Potions can sometimes be obtained in seasonal lines, I believe they can also appear in chests during breeding events (but it is usually better to open gold chests during fortification or pvp—many prefer pvp since pvp goodies only drop in gold chests during pvp events). You can also get potions from doing dragon quests.
  2. The second option is to pay rubies to transfer xp from a dragon that has obtained the ‘expert’ status to another dragon. This method is really not recommended at all because there are much better things to spend your rubies on (namely gold chests or speeding up egg token mission).

i have never seen :eyes: :face_with_monocle:

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Well, I suppose I can be mistaken. I looked at the drop lists for gold chests and xp potions weren’t on the drop list. Though I’m not surprised at being wrong, since I can’t recall the last time I opened golds during breeding.

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To level up a dragon, click this icon.

Then select the dragon you want to level and select “train”

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