Newbie question : Unlock event mythic dragons?


For unlock the event mythic dragons
the phrase of “Complete the branch” does it means claim all prizes ? right ?

So, I must claim all prizes in 2 branches before I can claim in the mythic branch.
The whole 2 branches need about sum of 50-60k sigils

Where can I get that much ?
If I don’t buy any silgils package and don’t buy any super sigils chest in the end of season
Is it not possible for free players to get a mythic ?


Yes. Complete the branch means claim all prizes.


You’d need to have hoarded resources from previous events (or even seasons) and grind like crazy. Even then, you’d likely need to be pretty far along the game, as well as be in an upper league team.


As ForScience said, you would need to save over most of the previous season. I’m an E2P player in Platinum league and that’s how I got Corthanak (saved majority of my rubies from the season before, didn’t really save anything else like bronze or gold chests). This season I will be able to get Pathox because I saved the majority of my rubies from last season and am sitting now on ~235K rubies or so. I think that’s the only way a free (or elite only) player can get a season mythic…


OK, i got it.
Save tons of ruby to open Super Sigil Chests in a season when I’m ready to spend my rubies to reach the amount of required sigils.

I cannot carry sigils across over the years and seasons , right ?
because this Fall season and the next Fall season have the different sigils ?


Sigils do not carry over between seasons. So spend them before this season ends or you’ll lose them.


No offense but just having to ask this question probably means you are nowhere near getting a seasonal mythic for free.


Where are your place?
I guess it is in Diamond1 with your lvl 590+

Congratulation about your place and your successful
to being in a place where you can get all seasonal mythic for free.
Nice to know that :blush:


Get out while you can, young grasshopper. They’re offering prizes for those who quit :unamused:


He’s just giving you reality. This is just a fact of the game. Which is unfortunate but it is what it is.


I think the point he’s making is more that if you want the mythic for free it requires some pre planning. So if you’re asking now you won’t have done the required saving of chests/rubies from previous seasons to get it for free.


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