NewbieNoobs LFM Platinum 2!


NewbieNoobs looking for active players to join our team/Family!

• Platinum 2
(We do have Atlas)!

•Activity- We need active friendly, well rounded people!
•Wars & Events- absolutely a requirement!
•Atlas-While being active in regular game, we also need you to be active in Atlas as well!
•Age- 18+ although we’ll make exceptions. However we prefer you to be at least 18 or older!
•Level- We’d prefer you to be around level 80+ however if we see it right we will make exceptions!

As you can see, we are a very active team, we’re friendly, and welcome everyone with open arms! We have teammates from all around the world, so someone is on anytime you need them. This team is truly like a family. We do have Atlas, we also have castles. We are very active in atlas. We require you to be active as well! Who wouldn’t want to be? The Atlas prizes are amazing ;). We have amazing officers who work hard, as well as amazing teammates who work just as hard! We don’t quite yet have a level requirement. We have no issue helping you with anything that you need, events, xP runs, resources, etc. However, we do expect you to be able to keep up in the league. If you’re interested please apply even if full!


amazing team and good ppl , loved the description here . keep going like these guys soon I will see ya in sapphire


Thank you so much :blush: very kind of you!


Still searching!


Bumping! We are still in search for active players to come join our family! We’d love to have you :blush: please feel free to apply within! We can make the room for you even if full.

If you’re teamless, and looking for a great active team we’re the ones for you! We do have Atlas, and castles. If you have any questions just send me a mail. My name is Syranxin


Bumping again. If you’re wanting to be in a serious competitive team, join NewbieNoobs, we’d love to have you!


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