NewbieNoobs Sapphire 3 team LFM 200+

NewbieNoobs is a competitive team, who are very active in Atlas, looking for active players from all around the world to join our wonderful family, we have a 900+ daily egg token payout, as well as other perks that may interest you!

• Sapphire 3
(We do have Atlas)!

•Activity- We need active friendly, well rounded people!

•Wars & Events- absolutely a requirement!

•Atlas-While being active in regular game, we also need you to be active in Atlas as well! We have Atlas requirements posted in our team Wiki.
(Note: If you have zero interest in Atlas, or are not willing to learn and participate this is not the team for you).

•Age- 18+

•Level- We prefer you to be level 200+

•Tier of dragons- Sapphire and up (We do not require you to have a Mythic dragon. We do however require your devines to be sapphire and up).

•Language- We mainly speak English, it’s not a big deal if English is not your first language. We do however need to be able to understand each other and communicate with each other

We are an active, competitive team. We are strict on war waves, and need people who are able to help finish wars within 12 hours. We are a very Atlas active team and have a good amount of castles. We have amazing people on the team who are hard working, and that hard work pays off. We’re like a family, and the minute you join you’ll instantly be treated as family. A lot of the people on our team started off at level 50, and have grown well past level 100. We have amazing officers and management always looking out for the team! Someone is always on to help with xp runs, rss, attacks, base designs, questions. Whatever you may need. We do have a 150+ level requirement now. We’re looking for players from all different time zones to come join! If you have any questions feel free to message myself, or one of the officers, or, If you’re interested in joining we please ask you to apply even if full (we do not send out invitations due to complicated reasons)!

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Bump, being promoted to Sapphire 3 today! If you’re interested please feel free to message myself or one of the officers/Leader, and apply even if we are full!


Looking for levels 200+!

bumping! Still in search of a few more people. Message or apply even if full!!

Update: We are pushing for Sapphire three THIS league change, and we are in search of one more person. Must we level 200+ with Garnet+ tier dragons. Must be able to fly in waves, and help finish wars within 12 hours. If you are interested please apply!


Bumpity bump :wink:

Bump, 3 spots to fill! Looking for level 250+. We are a competitive, atlas active team! We’d love to have you :grin:

feels left out


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