Next Atlas expansion

Do we have a date and list of what leagues will be included in the next Atlas expansion?



How many times do people need to ask?

I’m sure that when the details are set, they will send an announcement.

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I hope there’s no date certain until they get a handle on large scale battle issues—horrific lag, unusable UI, etc. Adding more teams in the current state would be counterproductive imo.


I agree. The launch was ages ago, and I would like to know when the next rollout phase starts. There has been so much rebalancing, panning of cheaters and so on, I doubt that changes to Atlas are catching up.

Get this out already.

Oh, fun, I do not have Atlas and can still post. I thought only peeps with Atlas could post here. Bug? Feature?


People ask bc what we’re told is never what we get.

Case en point: last expansion? Was a month later AFTER the “launch” :roll_eyes:

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I would like to see how the peeps with Atlas would react to a total suspension of Atlas until issues are fixed. That is the situation everybody else is in.

Uh, the issues are being surfaced and identified by the teams in Atlas using it in its current state. Suspending it would actually be counterproductive. Since a number of these issues are caused by an inability of the current systems to handle large scale battles, adding more teams would not necessarily identify additional problems but would absolutely exacerbate the current ones. So I stand by my opinion that they should not add any more teams to Atlas until they can handle the current server load adequately and scale it to accommodate additional teams.

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I agree, but people should be told when they’re likely to get it. They keep asking because no one is telling them. I have atlas. I’d be pissed if I didn’t because right now, I’m getting free shit. And yeah it’s a slight advantage, it’s not fair that not everyone has it.


Even before Atlas (as Atlas- won’t even touch on beta stuff) was released, it was clearly stated that it would be rolled out slowly to teams from Diamond - Platinum. Why should PG provide a date in the future when, say, Platinum 2 teams will get Atlas when they don’t know? Almost surely it wouldn’t happen on that date anyway. Teams that don’t have Atlas should be appreciative of the time being taken to prep Atlas for its release, so most wrinkles can be worked out before they get it.

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PG doesn’t give time estimates to the player base and, in this case, they may not have an ability to provide an accurate forecast even if they were so inclined. I’m sure they’d love nothing more than to fix the size/scaling problems ASAP, but until they do, it doesn’t do much good for them to say, for example, 2 weeks and get a deluge of complaints when 2 weeks come and go without an additional expansion.

Are you suggesting letting PG “fix” the Atlas game without any player interaction? Because that will go over really well :roll_eyes:

They need a few teams playing and complaining to see what they need to figure out and fix next. But too many people bitching gets you nowhere.


Good movie

We are in the process of developing a little more basic structural guidance/teaching into Atlas via some guided questing. Additionally we are working towards better allowing players to manage larger scale battles while feeling less overall friction in various actions in Atlas (like travel, crafting, and managing inter-team politics).

Many of these changes (at least in their initial stages) will be coming out fairly soon, which should give us a better sense at when we can continue rolling out to more teams.

Until then, we won’t be releasing any steadfast expansion dates. Thanks for your patience.


Thanks Echo

Very lame so many teams don’t get access to the full game, months after u advertised your big atlas launch party. Meanwhile all those teams are falling further and further behind the atlas game.


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