Next Atlas for new Platinum Teams

We dropped out of Platinum on the 17th and now back in on the 24th, so my question is when will we get access to Atlas? Do we have to wait another 4 months.

You’ll get it if you’re above the cut off line for the next expansion wave of Atlas. Whether or not that’s in another 4 months is anyone’s guess. (I’m not sure if even PG knows when it’ll happen.)


Both times expansion was between atlas seasons, so, likely, yes, in 3-4 months.
Nearest Atlas season starts on 31st of July, so add 3 months to that, and nearly that time I would expect new team addition.

No you will not get Atlas in the short term.
Your team will be added at a future date probably, not sure of how often they plan to refresh the team roster

No, dont get atlas. I just have it lately and it is a mess. my defence point just jump from 37M to 58M without upgrading any tower but get 1 or 2 legendary gear. Then a few hundred egg token is claimed from no where just by having a castle
Probably middle of next season to be the next roll out

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