Next dragon tier and seasonal divines

I did ask this in the stream thread but would like a little PG clarification

In past seasons there has been a distinct rotation.
Regular lines legendary, followed by a mythic of that tier in the line that needed to be unlocked.
The following season would have mythics from the previous season with a dragon from the new tier as the final dragon.

The summer season seems to have some question as to whether or not a new tier will be released, but it was mentioned that if a new tier is released the mythic warrior will reiceve an additional stone.
My question is whether the summer legendaries will be given extra levels to bring them up to mythic if the new tier is released?

Introducing a new tier will effectively make legendary harbinginer obsolete in comparison.
Can you please provide some clarification @PGCrisis @PGCoffee ?

Based on previous experience, current legendary’s power level is higher that last season’s, probably on par with last season mythic.
(speaking from summer pov)

We do not need a new tier :sob: I’ll never take a 350+ base if we get new towers and a new tier again… can’t even get my harbingers to max yet


I haven’t even broken into emerald yet :sweat_smile:

Truthfully, it’s a much bigger gap this time due to the lack of tower xp scaling its taken me 6 months to breed about 3.5 harbingers and level 13 times

Perhaps I worded this incorrectly.
This was not meant to determine whether a new tier should or shouldn’t come out. I was only curious if the seasonal divines would be scaled accordingly if a new tier does get released ?

It’s not on your wording, just the frustration that they even brought it up

Even it is, I hope they won’t scale lower tier too much past the useful period of lineage dragons.
E.g. Gold evolution keep getting scaled up, and I think higher level requirement than the current one (beginning of lv 84) is being absurd, as at the level, L. Gold can reach lv 26 already (expert at 30)

Are you asking if the legendary seasonals will have mythic power level but not a mythic skill set, or if they will get the “Mythic” status?

For the second, I do not think they will be anything other than Legendary Harbinger.

For the first, it has historically been that each season did release dragons that were stronger than the previous season. But, until the final product is released, I cannot really comment on this part.

Past experience says that mythic of previous tier has about the same power as current tier’s legendary…

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