Next Dragon Tier Release

UVS’s last three prizes unlock tomorrow, which many of us assumed meant that a new dragon tier was coming out this week in connection with breed. However, this does not appear to be the case. So let me make sure I understand PG’s plan:

  1. Release UVS with a stone for the new tier that releases right before the second breeding event of the season.
  2. Players breed in first breeding event with the assumption that they will get a new tier next event.
  3. Players build in first fort of the season with that same assumption.
  4. Release spell scaling the week when new tier was supposed to come out rather than releasing the new tier.
  5. Suddenly bases with multiple islands of 75s seem weak even against Harbingers, let alone Vanguards or the hypothetical new tier.
  6. Rush release of 80s for next fort before new dragon tier even comes out.
  7. Whales build 80s, which are okay against Vanguards but will get ruined by the next tier’s dragons (using Vanguard eggs made just for this purpose, since there would be no naturally bred eggs from breeding the new tier).

What is the point of releasing the stone tomorrow if we can’t use it yet? Did PG deliberately trick the players into thinking the new tier would come out this week, or was there some sort of delay?

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Well stop assuming then.



PG did not trick anyone. There has been no announcement made that the new tier will be coming this week. Everyone assumed that it would be…they were wrong.

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No showcase on livestream last week means no new tier this breeding. Ez

What is the next dragon you will breed?

Even if we took the lack of showcasing to mean no new tier (which I did, same as you), the information came too late to alter anyones plans last breed or fort. There was still the possibility that they would have showcased the new tier dragons this week, but it doesn’t seem like that is happening either.

Im breeding Noctua and Lumina.

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Hmm, I’m breeding no one, despite having 680k bokens. You don’t think that it was reasonable to assume that the new tier would be released at the same time as UVS’s [new tier name] stone?

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I’m almost horrified the name “bokens” stuck for a few players… :sweat_smile:


Lol, I used it as a joke

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While I do think it would be reasonable to release the two together, PG never said they would be so any assumption about the new tier release is exactly that…an assumption. I can kind of understand your frustration but I can not offer little sympathy.

You do realizw this is the current cycle right? It has been and always will be :man_shrugging:t2::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Because they think they’ll make more money this way… And there’s a few reasons to believe that will be true.

  • If spell scaling breaks the game as expected, why spend to get New Tier dragons when you can already faceroll with existing ones?
  • You’ll need research eggs for level 80s, likely Vanguard… Which you’ll likely breed this event at a higher cost, right?

I would guess they’re trying to get another round of dragon/tower whale sucking out of this without actually pushing more content out.

I expected it this week based off of timeline and UVS stone, but unless PG makes an announcement you know nothing is for sure. And there’s already so much this week.
Even if they announced it now, things can still change. Expect nothing and then everything is a surprise. Hopefully a good one

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I don’t need to spend to get the new tier, I already have 680k tokens and 1250 frags. I also have enough research eggs to last me for months. I could breed 4 more vanguard eggs just in case new tower levels come out, but I would have gotten them breeding the new dragons if they’d come out, so I think I’ll wait, instead of rewarding PG for screwing me.

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What is the point of releasing the stone tomorrow if the new tier doesn’t come out?

One would think that during this “player-focused” 2019 filled with transparency, we might have been able to draw the reasonable conclusion that UVS’s final stone and the new tier that is required to use it would be released at the same time, rather than what is actually happening. Either that, or PG could have told us at the start of this season that the next tier wouldn’t be coming out until February. Instead we get no information. And I’d like to point out that we are just speculating that the new tier won’t come out this week; we still don’t have any official word regarding when/if the next tier will come out.

During the preview of new dragons for winterjol season in December Crisis said the new tier in January. This is the only breeding in January so may come outside of breeding event :man_shrugging:t2:

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I think the problem is that we apply logical thinking to pg… and of course despite the fact they have to know everyone expected the new tier this breed they haven’t said boo one way or the other which is typical but we were expecting/hoping for better in 2019 … I won’t be at all surprised if they release the new tier next week, it’s exactly what they did with earth flak

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Maybe they will release it on Sunday or Monday :joy::sob: