Next Event and Spring Season begins

Next Event is Feeding​:heart_eyes::yum::grinning::no_mouth::clap::raised_hands:

We know :thinking:


Does it start next week? This is my first time between seasons

Starts tomorrow.


Anyone know what time is going to start

What time it’s going to start? You never really know. Oftentimes it’s around 3pm my time, and I’m in Arizona (MST). Can be later though.

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Sounds about right. Usually around 5 - 5:30 in NY.


Thank you👍

No problem :grin:

:grin: Around 5.30 here too. Thursday, morning

Be nice if they would roll updates out for Apple and android at the same time :expressionless: still have no atlas back yet

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That’d be nice…I’m kinda new but I have no idea what Atlas is😞where can I find Atlas

It usually starts when I am driving home, no matter how late or early I leave. Super convenient. :smiley:


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