Next Event Announcement

Have they stopped announcing next events on Mondays?


If you use twitter, you can follow PQ Higgins: (source of above) :smiley:


LOL not on the calendar, not here, but on Twitter. Until they quit putting it there too.

  1. There is no official Pg calendar
  2. It has always been community members posting here
  3. CF (creator’s faction members) have always announced it before PG.

WDGeeks Event Calendar was updated first thing this morning when the CF members on my team let us know. We keep it up to date (the second we know, we post it) so if you bookmark this page you can be kept up to date in a nice easy to read format :+1:


An official PG calendar? What a novel idea, PG actually telling the players what is going on.

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The reason they don’t have it is because if something changes right before the event and they have to cancel/change it, people would get mad and all that. Good intentions that will probably backfire. :t_rex:

That’s no reason, they could change the calendar as quickly as they change their minds.

Yeah, we’d all plan out our fortification plans for the next week and tell our teams that that’s what’s happening, and then at the last moment they change it to a PvP. I don’t see anyone getting upset about that at all. /s :t_rex:

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It had been PvP, Breeding, PvP, then Fortification and the cycle repeats. Feeding falls under PvP (although essentially it is not). So :man_shrugging:. This had been the cycle for the longest time I remember.

People will still get upset in that situation right now even though the info was released thru CF. The reason they don’t have official calendar I believe is simply because they never got around to making one and rely on the CF to do it. Simples.


Some of the players would get mad if PG payed them to play. I should get more than them. You pay me every two weeks, I want to get paid weekly. :joy::joy:


there is always an ingame mail about which event will be next, you just need to be patient

There are several places to look for normal events, but do we have anyplace to look for information about Atlas events? Anyone know what the next one is?

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