Next Event follows Breeding

Hi there
Does anyone know what is the next event

Kingdom wars

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Well really it’s Megacoin Wars.


Yep, shame they ruined it with those things. Even if we werent going to get a new bonus meter, it would have been nice to have a pvp that didnt use those stupid things. Fights for monuments will just be about who splooges out the most mega coins the fastest.


I think it’s going to be fun. I’m looking forward to a new event.

  • Kingdom Wars
  • KOTH

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We haven’t even seen Kingdom Wars yet :joy: :t_rex:


Serious? I don’t see it on’s calendar …

How do you know that? It on calendar

It was told weeks ago on a stream.

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i think its just the way to say its my poll :rofl:

Is it about time that PG should post the new event’s mechanics (official)? Like what they are doing for new divines, etc. I know they had already said on the streams about it, but I haven’t seen any right up directly from PG. or are they relying right now to our ever supportive co-players. It feels like everything that is coming are “photo-finish”.


cause no one knows wtf JOTH is.

Those usually happen on Tuesdays

Maybe it’s time to start using a better calendar :wink:

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You guys are trying to take over WD - one resource at a time… :rofl:

Lol I’ve been tracking events since I started WD :grin::grin:

But yes we plan to have a one stop shop for all things WD related.

Note the Atlas event tracking as well that you can’t find anywhere else too :wink:, expect a lot more Atlas stuff like events pages, prizes, strategies etc

Boom :facepunch:

BTW, I look into the crystal ball and see a green fortification event on the 25th of April…:rofl:


I see a scorched white egg during May Day… :egg: