Next event help


I’m still a bit confused about my plan. I mean which one should I do first.
Currently sitting on 60k egg token (hopefully my fragment will be enough for one Sapphire)

  1. At the next event, I’m sure I will have breedable Kaiju. Should I go with Anapa or Sekhem first? (not enough for both)
  2. I’m planning to finish Quetz too (327/400) since Icicle 4 doesn’t have cheap Quetz. Also have Rizar waiting for the incubator (upgrading). Which one among the 3 should be my priority?


Sekhem is actually useful. Anapa is pretty but has a fairly worthless spell set.

As for which of those three to go for first… are your divines simply den capped or do you need a sapphire to continue leveling them?


Yes, they are (den capped)
I’m 108, and won’t level up much next fort.
However, my egg/month is not as many as the others. And I guess lower level will have slightly easier training (not even maxed exp from lv 115 XpFarms)


Since they (your divines) are merely den capped, maybe finish off Quetz before starting on Sekhem. Then next breeding event, hopefully you’ll have enough egg tokens to finish off Sekhem.


sekhem and anapa are good to use shard and apophet is good use of token
but those legendary sapphire take quite a long time to gather xp if you at level 108


Merhana %125 tokenim çalışmıyo 14 gün oldu hala düzeltilmedi yardımcı olurmusunuz


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