Next Event information


Can anyone say for certainty what the next event is?


99.999999999999% breed


Thanks I hope so.


It is only certain on Mondays at 11am eastern


Definitely breed but let’s see what the CF and PG have to say


Friday night! This is a new record! :rofl:


I do enjoy your commentary haha


Or slightly later when they change the event after the official announcement


It should be breeding but I’m leaning more towards pvp instead.


we need a new “next event” type thread…

“Event after next” … like friday, next friday, friday after next


I miss event spoiler Coffee. Some traditions need to be honored :coffee:


I’m predicting a PvP. Let’s see…


I believe I heard that during a stream we were told PVP is confirmed next. (But the rule is you never know for sure until Monday morning)

But I’d bet heavily that the next non-pvp is breeding. This is based on the fact that we were told new lineage dragons in January and many people are sitting on a million plus tokens and thousands of mystic fragments. (And we have cycled through all of the others) And if new dragons are coming soon that means they probably need a little time and would want next week to be a PVP, with breeding following. (New dragons will almost certainly require an update be pushed out first)

All hypothesis. But there you have it.


Selfishly I need the extra week to have enough tokens for the breeding after next as I need to spend 500k tokens that event… :joy:


Same :smile: not only I need one extra week for token grinding, but also am so tired of minor events, I need some action! I need drive. PvP would be so much appreciated.


Totally agreed. Too much grinding lumber and food for the past event. No token grinding plz :joy:


If it’s breeding, we follow the cadence.
if it’s PvP, we’ll have lovely pink bubbles for the first week of atlas season. :smile:


It’s breeding.

  1. Follows the Event Cadence.
  2. The next Evolution stone for the Mythic Warrior will be available to claim in season line on the 9th, same day as the next event (this is always done for the breeding event that also brings the next tier of Dragons)
  3. Atlas Season Launches (They don’t want the first week with PvP bubbles up)


You think there’s a method to PG’s madness lol.


This is why I think it will be breeding. I don’t think that they’d want there to be pvp bubbles for the first week of atlas season, plus if it’s breeding that sticks with the cadence technically.

I could be wrong though and I hope I am. I need food to be able to breed multiple dragons, I don’t think there will be enough time for the food economy to bounce back unless there’s a pvp in between :persevere:. Plus I’m sick of these minor events.