Next Event information


Regardless what you think, I believe or others expect, it’s all speculation.

The OP asked:

Whereas the right answer is from Red (I wouldn’t expect anything less from her)


Lololololol. Booold assumption


Well, obviously :yum:. I’m just joining in on the speculation.


There will be an event except it will be the best event because we are winning and by winning we only have the best events! It’s about time we started winning again so we will have the best event.


Should be a Pvp.
under the festive calendar ( Xmas etc) we got 2 minor event. Now is time for a Pvp.
Pvp will be the next 1, then we will have Breeding :wink:


Feeding technically replaces PvP. So technically breeding is next following the cadence. But who knows anymore.


Following the cadence it should be breeding for sure and I hope it is. Pvp is mindless and boring these days just let me level up and collect the useless dragons while I can.


It should absolutely be breeding, since it’s been 4 weeks since the last breeding. That used to be pretty reliable, but not so much lately.

So, of course, I expect Gauntlet. I thought they usually teased the new dragons the week before they’re available, though since I really don’t care about new dragon tier releases I may be misremembering the timing.

It’s pretty irrelevant to me personally since I’ll get Lumina and Archimera and not have enough for Rhyo either way, but… It would be really annoying to have back to back 5 week cycles after being told we were getting back to a 4 week cycle.


Wait for it, PG is gonna shock us all and release a new event. /s

Following the cadence, breeding.

Not having Atlas shields first week of the new atlas season, breeding.

PG PGing it, Team Gauntlet.

But… no one the community at large doesn’t know until 11am eastern time on Monday for certain, and even that is subject to change.

So really, no one knows with absolute uncertainty until the event actually begins…IJS


Nice summary, I propose marking it as #solution

you meant certainty, didn’t you?


Actually, no.

Uncertainty is the confidence you have in the certainty of a given, whether a measurement, decision, etc.

Sorry, work speak. I did mean certainty, but uncertainty actually works too :rofl::man_shrugging:


I could be wrong, but in the past hasn’t the evolution stone for the next tier been “available” but not useable as the tier was not released yet?


Placing bet it will be Breeding.


I bet on Gauntlet.

  1. Because everybody expects breeding
  2. They said 2 minor in a row, not 3
  3. It will generate more cash for PG to have a PvP combined with a new Tier as people will use their token to get those new dragons before breeding and will need to buy some more for breeding


i hope in PvP too.
3 minor event is a row are boring. We want to fight :slight_smile: , we want PvP !!


Since i am going to jump to new tier breeding is better for me before PVP but nevermind PVP will also ok for me. :slight_smile:


I fancy the breeding as I’ve been working on collecting enough egg tokens for my first Garnet Mythic, the Twins. I will be very sad if I need to wait another week.


Ehh, supposedly they said it was pvp in a stream. Although I would expect someone to post the exact stream and time normally, so maybe it was just not a real thing. (I miss ForSci’s stream notes)

One or two more hours to find out.


The fight will be in Atlas. New season starts this Wednesday. :smiley:


Apparently it’s breeding