Next Event information


To all those that said pvp ill accept 1m rubies or 1B food by sundown


Will there be a new tier released? Anyone know ?


Probably not, so people spend to breed them out of a breed event lol.

That being said, very happy Breeding is next.




So three now to be four minor events in a row months and months with nothing to breed and no new tier for this one …can someone from PG confirm this one way or another ?


No it’s 2, now 3 minor events in a row and nothing new to breed.


Oh my what a shock, a breeding event four weeks after the last one, who could see that coming? Better complain quickly!


:notes: Oh, I’m happy as F***! :notes:

@mechengg, last week one of the dates was also messed up.

And yes, it’s 9th January for Atlas Season


Ok whatever the number it’s been forever with nothing to do this game has gotten so boring


Isn’t Atlas season starting Wed Jan 9 and not the 8th?


The complaint isn’t that it’s breeding. It’s no new tier. End game has had nothing to breed for 2-3 breed events now. People have millions of tokens at this point.


I feel sorry for them. Honestly.


Thought they said new tier in January, and no tier this event…


I believe they said the evolution stones for the Empyrians would be released. That usually happens prior to the new tier’s introduction.

But we know that it’s nigh.

+1 : do you remember how the earth flak was released?

:notes: History repeats itself, repeats itself, repeats itself…:notes: (Aqua - If the World didn’t)


Evolution stones won’t do you any good if you haven’t already BRED (and hatched) a dragon of that tier :expressionless:


I can’t argue with that. Not that I wanted to… :wink:

Sidenote: I have 3 dragons with stones up to their respective highest tier, but I am still in Garnet. So unlocking the stones and make them claimable will do exactly as much good as those in my inventory. (they will come in handy someday in the future)


Most correctly assumed breeding is next. Sorry if you thought it might be a PVP. Also, there are no plans to release another tier this event, although the next seasonals WILL be released (come back tomorrow for more info on spells, etc…)


Not this season, apparently!!!


Yeah breeding! I have quite a few I need to breed! Whoohoooo.


And, well, you ARE a rabbit after all.