Next event is: Feeding

Happy April Fools day :smile:

(that awkward moment, when you think that post might be perceived as one from others like “we want feeding”, “what is next event?”, and you will be banned on forum, but still believe that people will open it and forgive you instead of banning)


Due to the massive popularity of feeding, the rest of the season will be all feeding (except for one surprise kingdom wars week).


works for me. I got to 4 mil and still have dragons that can be fed.


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Yeah, no $$mega$$-events :smiley:

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Can we wish so that Super Sigil gives better prize than optimal Feeding rewards?

You know… you can WISH whatever you want :wink:

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Still, it’s possible for us to get one year roll up for April Mop surprise :shushing_face:

Let’s go feeding and breeding for the remainder of the season. Talk about epic. YeaaaAAAhhh.

Not. :rofl:

How cool it would be if they gave us either Ronin or Zenko in our roster for the day and then remove them.
I would be really cool :joy::joy::joy:

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I like breed/feed month but don’t wanna kw week :confounded: I hate KW!

I mopped the floor with people for the entire 24hr before the event happened. Seriously every raid was 400k+ food so i indulged and fed quite a few of my dragons.

That being said, i was definitely raided constantly the entire event since i never logged in until the end haha

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But you had fun in Disneyland with the Fam, which is far more important. Down in my sunny retirement home, I “won” the event in my league single handedly.


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