Next Event: Kingdom Wars

@PGCrisis and @Arelyna Have there been any changes to this event since it was run given the seemingly massively negative feedback or is this going to be another iteration of “data” collection?


The announcement said it was fixed based on players feedback

But there’s allot of sarcasm down there so who knows


I’d assume the CF can share the changes but perhaps not yet. I’ll be watching social media for the next two days

Yup. More news tomorrow!


It would be even sweeter if the changes made it to the forums, in an official thread. I don’t do social media anymore - everyone keeps telling me i’m not very socialable. Sure showed them :joy:


I’ll make a thread for you :joy::joy:


He get his own thread…

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We’ll all get our own thread. New forum structure, the only way we’ll keep it civil is if we don’t get to talk to each other.


I saw @ShadowsOfBirds Instagram and she said that the next event is Kingdom Wars for sure.

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I think a few people owe @mechengg some lumber :joy:



Oh, ok, yeah, i saw this one for a day or 2, but i was still in vacation mode. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, they made some of the player recommended changes. Eagerly awaiting more info…from my personal forum thread, courtesy of Red :+1::heart_eyes:

I guessed Gauntlet, another 24h refill pvp. So, I was half wrong...kidding... A bet is a bet...

I call foul on insider trading!


Anyone who paid attention knew it wouldn’t be feeding.

Of corse PG changes their mind often so it was still 50/50 even after PGCoffee’s stream comments on feeding event scheduling.

I don’t know what it is about feeding. People are all wanting way early, but not many seem to enjoy it.


I have 40+ 400k and 90+ 150k food packs…

So you don’t have nearly enough.

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And here I’m sitting with no food pack…

Could be different people expressing different viewpoints. :man_shrugging:

Most high level players hate it because they mostly just feed perches. It’s a progression event where they don’t progress.

Most low level players have not yet learned that their emergent feelings about it add up to hating it. (“Ooh, I want to level my dragons!” is what they feel, not “why do I need to starve my dragons for months?”)

Smart low level players know that the event is rigged against them; maybe not as hard as breeding is for sub-sapphire players, but the concentration of soft factors is grotesque. (Prize tiering based on higher tier dragon food consumption, XP payouts multiple orders of magnitude lower than the group the event was balanced for, black pearl supply being shut off for the past 6 months and effectively meaning they can’t have perches, all their lineage dragons are terrible anyway and thus leveling them is meaningless outside of feeding events, etc.)


The real Panda had his own thread too[quote=“NotPanda, post:7, topic:48917, full:true”]
He get his own thread