Next event. Kingdom Wars


We’re kind of in a weird place for events right now…

We just had Breeding, so that pretty much rules that out.
Feeding was just 4 weeks ago, and that’s usually 8-12 weeks apart.
Fort was just 2 weeks ago, which is also sooner than they usually do it.
PvP has never been back to back, afaik.

So clearly they’re going to have to bend one of their standard guidelines for the event schedule. Other than Breeding, it could really be anything. Fort probably makes the most sense as it’s the easiest path back to the “normal” Fort/PvP/Breed/PvP pattern they somewhat follow, but who knows? Unless they leak it in a stream or something, it could be anything.


I’m having this weird glitch where this enemy player is flying his Huitzil through a triple defended level 400 base without taking ANY damage. Who am I supposed to pm about this. It’s kind of screwing our event.


Aye kuramba, I think you go to…idk, I think help, send a ticket, or write a topic about it and hope one of the employees read it


Lol, such a bad pun :rofl::rofl:


You spent 8K rubies on those things?



Just once. Got a Mythic Ammo out of it so I’m satisfied :man_shrugging: :t_rex:


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