Next Event : KotH

So, it seems that next event is the last KotH, and it’s said that Siege Weapons and Barricades are no longer dropped.
How far the points achievements will be scaled down then?


did you mean scaled up?

Pretty sure scaled down is what was meant–since it will not be possible to get as many points.

Newer players may not have any siege weapons at all, and even “older” players may not have enough of all three types to last the whole event. Or, maybe, like me, I have tons of rare and legendary siege weapons, but zero epic. So, I will not be able to get the full bonus at any point in the event.

I was using sarcasm as i expect PG not to scale anything down. They failed to scale down all events after taking the bonus meter away.


If we do not find Barricades and Siege Weapons in the Gold Chests, what will we find? Inner Fires and Energy Packs?

:poop: and :wastebasket:


I do not know. Once the chest hunt begins, I can tell you. :smiley:

it will be the last KOTH event.

the leftover Siege weapons and barricades will be changed to Energy Packs and IF… thats how rumors go.

I still have all three sieges from 2 years ago. When pg messed up and gave us that huge bundle of sieges to use. With the event so little used, I’ve kept them over time. Guess I will need to use them all

You mean like they did so smoothly with valors?

@PGJared lets say a player didnt spend his her siege weapons, will it be converted to an eenergy pack or mega coin? :eyes:anything to compensate unused items for koth event only

I guess not. Pretty much similar to leftover sigil of the last season, which goes POOF!

Am hoping that just like they let you buy mega coins, they let you buy rams for some combination of packs and/or fires.

Or let us combine the weaker rams into bigger rams… but that wouldn’t get them money, so probably not.

Worst/most likely option is they just sell rams.

They have a plan.

I’m sure they will tell everyone soon.

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I believe messaging explaining all that will be out tomorrow.

Exactly this.


I received a ingame message yesterday explaining they will replace your siegers with something. So or they replace the siegers with IF and arounf same prize scale, or they just remove and scale up. We wait

Why the last one? This is the only pvp I actually like due to the raid button :slightly_frowning_face:

I can’t find the post, but PG has said that the event is unstable on the developer’s end and that it’s too similar to a new upcoming PvP event.

The raid button I’d nice but the prizes are harder to get too. In the end of was better just if you had a teammate help you on a higher target so you could raid/replicate those points

I totally agree. KOTH is my favourite PVP event. I am really disappointed.