Next event, last of Springveil


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Feeeeeeeding (credit to PQ):


At least I can save my gold chest this way :joy::joy::joy:

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Right? And that means there’s a pvp in the discount period :tada:


Really? That’s lame as hell. So much for getting sigils to finish up any dragons…


Actually, this event is super low effort to get the 450 prize, so :man_shrugging:t3:


Yay my hungry dragons get one more feed… :joy:

Got lots of food packs waiting to be busted open so I’ll just be doing that this event… :joy:

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Sure it is, IF you starved your dragons or IF you have any dragons to starve.

This money grab of a game is really starting to grind on my last nerve. The LAST event of the season, the longest possible time since the last breeding event, is the ONE event that individual success absolutely depends upon you having new dragons to train, unless you starve them and penalize not only yourself, but your team, in the hopes that PG schedules Feeding at the most asinine time…

Edit, so congrats PG on living up to our my expectations,

Yyyyyyeeeeesssss…its feeding!!! :heart_eyes:

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You don’t need to starve your dragons to have plenty of dragons to feed…
There are more than enough shit dragons that you only need to get to breeding level. You must have leveled useless dragons outside of feeding events if you have nothing to feed :thinking::joy:
This is the easiest event to get to the highest individual prizes without having to spend money :slight_smile:

Just weird they do feeding now, as they said at the start of springveil that they would start off each season with feeding.
But hey, im not complaining, means i can open chests during pvp :+1:


Not really, feeding a perch every 26? 18 Mins gives tons of points. If you have a dragon that can clear its invader/xp Base before expert, there’s no reason to level it any further. I have kyrule at level 12, Icicle at level 20 and gloom at 16 with xp on them, plus some divines like Leos and sage that would never be a roster dragon that I purposely didn’t level. There are honestly very few roster worthy dragons and I keep those at a certain level when they can clear invader.


Who wants to spend time leveling useless breeders past breeding level? Not me.

They created divines which made just about every lineage dragon irrelevant past breeding level.

And then they bring back this idiotic event at the most inopportune time to reward players for starving dragons or continuing to level useless dragons.

Can you easily get 450 sigils? Yes. How? By wasting resources feeding perches.

Edit, fixed that.

Feeding perches*

Your expectations make you sound like…🤷

Super easy end of season event. If you are above L149, you can literally put 3 minutes of effort into this event and get the first 20 prize tiers by using rubies to transfer XP (since you get a positive ROI for those 20 tiers for rubies, and just a bunch of extra prizes). This gets you a ton of team prizes too for zero effort.

So. Yeah


Around 18… 5% of 6h…


I’m not saying it’s not an easy event. It is extremely easy.

What it is is a wasted event. Why not do it at the start of the season, or right after a breeding event? To, I dunno, ENCOURAGE players to actually level their dragons and, I dunno, play the game?

Edit - I’m looking at the event not from the perspective of someone having played for over a year, but from the perspective of a new(er) player. Enormous difference in what a Feeding event does/gives reward wise.

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people usually need to feed before breeding event to get dragon to breedable level. After that, the new dragon is in the egg so no time to hatch and stock up xp to feed. Everyone stock up xp and feed the tier dragon or perch in feeding event. Tier dragons are also good to level up for perch

So you advocate starving your dragons. Got it.

That is called planning. We stock up xp on weak stat dragon and feed the those we use for main attack outside of feeding.


That sounds like starving, not planning, but then again, I’m having problems understanding you, so :man_shrugging:

Anyway, cool artwork. Loving the movie posters for events :+1: