Next event? PvP or Breeding




Why don’t we wait 24min and find out?


Obviously it will be breeding. :turkey:


I don’t think so


I personally think will be a Pvp. Probably money pits.


I’m 98% sure it won’t be feeding.


:thinking: that is a good percentage


Wouldn’t put more than 90% on not feeding… This is PG after all


:joy: :joy: :joy: totally agree


I bet @IIIRogueIII gonna be here soon with his gif :joy:


Why wouldn’t it be breed?.. feed takes place of pvp… so indeed it would be breed since fort was prior to this pvp replacement.


Because empyrean should come in next breeding and I don’t think is ready yet.


I had to put my reputation on the line to have some excitement up to this point. :slight_smile:




Again not disappointed by PG. Good job.


Hmm… Do you have permission from @IIIRogueIII to use that gif? :rofl:


:joy: hahahahaha


Makes sense for the new tier to come out not-on-a-breeding-event. That way all the people with poor impulse control spend their accumulated egg tokens on the new shiny without getting any prizes for it. Didn’t that happen when Vanguard launched? Or am I misremembering?


Why you think I’m not disappointed :joy:


I know it happened with the Earth Flak. It came out just after Fort I think. :stuck_out_tongue: