Next Event : Team Gauntlet


They might have tweaked it some.

At least I HOPE they did.

Either way, it’s better than nothing…


And that’s exactly why PG does crap like this .


To hear you complain? Yup. That’s why.

They take out the bonus meter (they had their reasons). People complain.

They give back a version of it, that doesn’t expire (people complained they had to be tethered to the game all weekend to keep the old bonus meter). People complain.

They add it to another event, and you don’t even know if it has been changed yet. People complain.

I mean, there is no winning for them. But, on the bright side, if you aren’t a whale, then you shouldn’t be complaining, because you are getting MORE than you were when there wasn’t a bonus meter, so I don’t really see the issue?


Any changes to it or will it continue to be pretty much useless for the player base?


Bonus meter had no problem ,it just wasn’t getting them more money. If you want to get excited over crumbs be my guest. Players wanted the bonus meter,not this poor substitute. There’s no amount of tweeking they could do to improve it’s junk.


Pretty sure the math has been shown about a hundred… you know what, why the hell am I arguing with you? You don’t like it? Don’t play the event. Sit in a corner and cry about how getting more than you were with no wildfire is bad. The bonus meter is gone. Deleted. They took the code and fed the homeless with it. Get over it already.


Whatever you say.:rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy:


Is there any adjustment for this?


Isn’t bonus meter > no bonus meter previously available in Gauntlet?

Or is there a hidden bonus meter that I’m forgetting about?


All the events blend together, but I think you’re right, TG never had a bonus meter, unless I’m mistaken. How funny is that? Oh, and the kicker, FP and KW, the only remaining PvPs, never had one either. Oh damn, I just broke the inter webs…


Are you really that desperate for PG’s approval?


I’m desperate for no one’s approval other than my own. I could give a damn about what PG thinks of me.

What pisses me off is people whining about getting something more than they had before, for nothing. But I guess that’s just the mentality today, “Yes, I’m getting something, but it’s not $15 an hour for flipping burgers, doesn’t pay for my latest IJunk, and won’t keep my 15 kids in clothes”. Ugh.

Don’t like what they give you, go find another game, job, baby daddy, etc.


You’re kidding right? I am by no means a whale, but I did used to spend a bit of money every season, and the wildfire attacks replacing the bonus meter has definitely decreased my ability to do well in events. I used to be able to use 30 energy packs and get a ton of points and prizes using the bonus meter, with the wildfire attacks one x5 point attack every 80 flames you get is nowhere near what you could get with a bonus meter. Just admit that shit like this is why people who used to spend a couple hundred a season now only get the elite account and that’s it.


In what event has the bonus meter been replaced by wildfire?

And I too used to spend, not whale like, but a fair amount, about a car note a month…


Both those events (FP and KW)replaced old events that had bonus meters


Back in my day, policemen wore socks above their knees…

Ok now that I have given you an awesome vision, get this: the bonus meter is gone. Gonski. Adios. Bye bye. Au revoir. Zai jian. Auf wiedersehen. Sayonara.

Do we pine for it? Yeah sure why not. Should we be stuck in the past? Probably not but that’s just me.


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