Next event will be? (Drumroll please)


So do to the opinions of members from our local dragon community and the frequent drops of timers from bronze and gold chests I have to ask, who Thinks the next event is fortification? I have heard several opinions from people thinking it will be a pvp event next then fort however the other side is saying fort. What’s your opinion? Please leave a comment in the box below. My opinion is fortification. I hope not as I would love a little more time to save a few more timers and rubies but I will jump at the chance to level my towers some more.


I support you I also think next event will be fortified


Pvp it will be. (yoda says so)


I would bet my Hauheset it’s fort


I wouldn’t argue with a CF member but if u could pay up I’d take you on for your Hau :joy::joy::hugs:


fighting pits


Feeding basically acts as a “major” event (pvp), so it’s likely Fortification up next unless PG wants to throw a curveball at us

You can always check the WD event calendar to get a better idea of the cycle of future events


The pending Atlas event is Crafting, and will end in 4 days. Following that will likely be an Atlas PVP, which will start about the same time as the next Main event.
Since PG is trying to alternate PVP across the two systems, the next Main event could very give way to the Atlas PVP, and would therefore be Building…


It will be fort, no doubt. Has nothing to do with chest drops though :joy::joy::joy: I laugh every time I see that.


As I pointed out in another thread, if you do actually check the calendar you find that there is no pattern. Pg really love those curveballs!


It’s Fight Pits I think…


I’m going with Team gauntlet. But then it’s my favorite event.


Pocket Gems is on vacation and might not be fully staffed for the coming week. I’d say build event. :nerd_face:


I would be shocked if it wasn’t fortification event


I bet it’s fort.


I’m betting fort as well. The ONLY time feeding, breeding, and fort weren’t together in some order was with fight pits, and PG did that so that they wouldn’t have a pvp over Thanksgiving.


I’m hoping breed with new tier finally being released… and don’t give me that we just had breed… I can dream


Looks to me like a third week without a pvp.


I think it’ll be fort. Feed acts as a major event


I hope it’s fortification that makes more sense