Next event will be? (Drumroll please)


I think it will be and should be fortification. Makes more sense.


P vp I think


Are we tallying votes? I’ll put my vote in fortification too :wink:


Fortification would make it 3 minor events in a row. I don’t see that happening.


It’s happened before


Well if it is fort who wants to send me some speed ups 12 hours would be appreciated.


You are right. It happened all the times instead of last time since starting this event in April.
But I recall people to be unsatisfied having “3 collecting events” in a row.

Therefore: Maybe they changed it, maybe not. Who knows…


The reason they did it last time had nothing to do with community opinion. They wanted to offset the schedule so that there wouldn’t be pvp over thanksgiving weekend. I’m guessing fort as well if they stay true to every other time they had feeding.


Its possible that we get fortification, I saw this on Twitter.


Where’s that calendar located?!?!



Next event should be PVP we didn’t have Fort to long ago


It’s been 4 weeks since the start of last fort, which is the normal rotation time for fort.


Still no announcement on next event?


Even has crap on the next event info, which makes me think it definitely will be fort because devs don’t want to run a major event hung over from the holiday, lol


I want another week to prepare for fort :cry::cry::cry::cry::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Ok Drums are broken! It’s fortification


Yep sure is :sunglasses:


That’s too bad. Going to sit this one out. If PG is okay with people not spendng and participating in events so be it. It’s bad business, but a lot of what PG does is bad business.


After this we will have a solid month to save timers and things. So I’m cool either way.