Next Evolution of AUTO battle

The addition of Temple Guardians RAID option and the various improvements in AUTO battle (lock and speed of targeting) are small game play items that bring BIG satisfaction to the users.

With disable type spells becoming more common (Solarius Blinding Light, and Cuadart Entrancement), there is an opportunity for PG to give us some love.

Issue: AUTO does not consider if a tower is disabled when prioritizing targets. The benefit of leaving AUTO locked on is lost with these disable spells.

Solution: Improve the logic to ignore disabled towers.

I don’t know who is the right person to @ for suggestions. Hopefully this gets some traction.


i would love to see - “which tower to prioritise”
options in settings :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Unfortunately, the dev that made most of those improvements was recently let go.


Auto is only supposed to be barebones attacking AI. It does not strategize, it does not use spells. To add more to the capabilities would take away from its intent, IMO; a basic AI to help ease some of the burden of play on basic bases and not completely fly for you.

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i used it as strategy

  • barbend, every time i attck with him after disabling ice flak, he doesn’t attack ice flak unless other towers are cleared or have 25% tower or buff which he neglate . good times as i was worry free using barbend. after nerf i use him a rider mission.:grin:

  • quileth , AERO is really great with both auto and manual flight . atleast i find it really helpful, auto battle shoots ammo every time i dont toch screen for 0.5 or less, thats literary extra finger for me :joy:.

  • sorcerer,their flight has significantly gotten better with auto battle especially with locked auto battle. so now i dont need to swipe across screen anymore. Now i just need to worry about landing 1 shot spells, buff,nerf, aoe spell to use with timing. i have been relying sorcerer with auto battle thats why im struggling in dungeon lol.

  • warrior, meh

  • invoker , huh?!!?! what is auto battle?

i guess it depends on dragons too🤔

Dude with 11 fingers.

Great for a book title. :+1:t2:

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“Auto-battle” by definition should attack for you. If pg themselves have stated it’s intention to be barebones then fair enough, but auto battle should auto battle. I think spells should be triggered randomly for auto battle, and I dislike the concept as a whole! It’s already here so may as well make it even better.

Your idea of random spells being triggered would make it worse in a rather spectacular fashion, so let’s not do that.


They should add auto fly to invokers.

So we can auto fly invader base for easy xp.

I know it would be clunky - just get it to hit towers, perches and monuments ignore all other destructible items.

Its not like anyone uses autofly competitively except for maybe sorcs.


thats where ‘priority’ will come in handy in which tower, monument to target or ignore :grin:

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Prove it lol

I’m not suggesting that AUTO battle should be able to manage an attack on a defended base.

AUTO supports dragon breath management only. It should do the following:

  1. not overkill boats, monuments (complete)
  2. not attack towers that have a shield on them (complete)
  3. prioritize active shield towers (complete)
  4. not-prioritize towers that are disabled (needed)

PG has done a great job with 1-3. #4 is a needed improvement so AUTO does not fight against your spells as you are actively work through a base.

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My auto flights don’t seem to target CCd towers so maybe its semi complete / almost complete.

For example barbend if I cc front 3 barbend will drop active towers and then the cc ones once all other active are dead.

So maybe some cc needs a tweak?

What Matt said about this iirc was that auto battle will ignore disabled towers so long as other towers are in range, then target the disabled towers


Matt did great work with the warrior breath target switching. This post makes me sad as we might not get another update coming for a while, if any.

I would be fine if they made it so that auto didnt hit towers that were currently disabled by lockdown/sand type spells. We already have something like it where it switches targets once a shield actives instead of just pointlessly hitting shielded towers

I do not think though we should be able to set priorities for it. If you want to do that then tap/swipe yourself on those towers. Autobattle is an assistance tool, that tool shouldnt be detrimental to you (firing all hunter ammo at a boat, hitting locked down towers) but it also shouldnt be a replacement for a human brain.


Upon further investigation, that’s is exactly how it is working. On the long island, I’ll disable the three front towers, AUTO then kills the next two towers… and then attacks the disabled towers :cry: because the next five towers are not in range (yet).

I would prefer for AUTO to always ignore disabled towers.

People always ask for too much :man_facepalming:. The feature was a QoL change meant to reduce the need for braindead flying for PVE bases and chest farming.

If you’re flying on a mildly challenging target and want preferences for auto, you clearly do not understand its purpose. You sound lazy and like you’re entitled to good flying without any effort. By the sounds of it you’re already tapping buttons for spells, so you might as well tap a few buttons to kill the back towers first too? And there’s a chance that if Auto targeted said back towers first then it won’t kill the front towers in time which could ruin someone else’s run?

There will always be situations in which different people will expect different things from Auto. However, the AI is not yet capable of and should never be capable of making said choices. It will always be slower and worse than a normal human flying. It will not do exactly what you want. That is the tradeoff for you not having to fly. Just accept that and stop asking for it to replace your brain and fingers more than it already has.


Maybe. I just see spells that disable towers and an AUTO feature that removes the disable. I love AUTO, and see the request as a way to improve it. If that gives a lazy appearance, then guilty as charged.

Like I said, everyone has their own preferences. Your request may improve AUTO for you but it will make it worse for others. Therefore it’s best to leave some things for the humans to do, agree? And yes see previous comments about having let go of PG Matt. I think with their currently limited number of employees it would be best to focus on more important aspects of the game.