Next Month Atlas Reshuffle Happening?

Considering we are within a month of the supposed “Atlas Reshuffle”, can we get an update on what’s going on please? There had been no communication to the playerbase as far as what’s exactly going to happen and all we got to go off of is vague wording in previous posts. I don’t know if y’all realize this, but the changes proposed last by you guys are MASSIVE. If that level of change is happening to the most important part of the game, we need to know what’s going on. Plans and whatnot are being delayed cause we’re just sitting here guessing what is going to happen. All I’m asking for is a rough idea of what’s going through your heads rn. Will these changes take place at the previously given time? What are these changes (doesn’t have to be specific, just a general idea)?

With all the bugs/glitches that have happened recently with trying to release last pvp event…there’s a lot of concern about what will happen when you try to release an even bigger update to the game. I think some transparency here would go a long way.

just saw the AMA responds by egg token
I’m face palming a little after reading that as it goes to show how little atlas is understood by some employees. Again, these changes will DRAMATICALLY change the entire strategy of atlas as we’ve known it for years. The fact that we’re nearing the update drop time and it’s srill not even fully developed is unbelievably concerning and I’m fearing this is gonna be like last pvp where you push something out that’s not been fully tested…except this time with much greater consequences. I think it’d be better to either extend this short season or start another one after this one ends and give yourselves more time to make sure that the changes are ready to go live. If you destroy atlas cause you don’t prepare properly…you’ll have destroyed the reason why I and many others still play this game…not sure y’all can afford that.


You are telling PG that they shouldnt rush a blind rework of the most important part of the game and only release it after proper testing instead of giving us a half finish product? I dont know, seems like a little too much too ask…


Supposedly they have been working on this for months and the mini season was for them to work out the kinks. Let’s see how that goes

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Not really you can look at the timeline for the atlas proposals, im fairly certain they commited to starting development half way or towards the end of may. I dont think they have been going at it for even two months and they are setting a time line of maybe three months max to work on this under the special circumstances of covid19. Seems quite rushed to me and like OP mentioned we are still in the dark about it.


PG are gone all weekend so we wont have any answer till atlest monday

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A good theory, only slightly undercut by their admission that they haven’t figured out the details yet, but still plan to roll it out at the start of next season - and worse, that they think that less than four weeks will be plenty of time for players, teams, and alliances to absorb all the changes and adapt to them.



This, and other questions raised will be disregarded until it’s too late. As valid as many players concerns are it’s unfortunate.

We need to remember that the development team has a long track record of acting reactively versus proactively, and unless they are willing to break this streak of release and damage control fix, this shuffle could cause severe game issues for the week of release.

Over years of playing I’ve noticed an increase in server instability, glitches I’ve never seen before start popping up, sure there may be a reason, but man I’m getting tired. Crashes during atlas battles are frequent, and PX representatives reply to my tickets with canned reply’s like maybe you should hit a smaller base.

However the one shimmer of hope to me is that they added @PGGalileo to the team, and my wish is that he forwards this to the atlas team and have them listen to our concerns analyze and test it further before release. It would really upset me to see the game we love go down the road it is currently on, as much as we complain about it. We still play.


awwww, very optimistic.


Lol, that isn’t the point but I guess. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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I just don’t see how atlas shuffle can be considered since they can’t even launch an event without kinks let alone a whole rework of atlas ? Seems like a pipe dream for PG imo, since it would take miracle with the current track record …

This has been discussed and talked over a lot since February the main jist remains the same - seasonal shuffle grouping of 5ta and by teams of similar rank with highest level castles as gates to your land. This will transition into shrines and seiges (or whatever they calling it). This appears to be far from rushed as we are now 5 months into it and still waiting on the first change.

Maybe this will be the one they get right-ish?

Events team and Atlas team aren’t made up of the same people or tech even, so this is an uninformed assumption. Yes, event issues were awful and we’re having the appropriate conversations and actions towards this.

When we have solid information to share, we will share it. It’s too big of a project, and too many man-hours spent for us to toss it out there without so much as a whisper. As of today, we’re still a solid 3 weeks+ away from land shuffle’s debut. We’ve spent a fair number of weeks purely working on all the technical aspects of generating a map, properly placing all the objects in it, and testing that these things work as intended. Literally recreating the “world” of Atlas isn’t something that us mere mortals could do in 7 days.

I know that a lot of people are trying to get more information right this moment so that they can prepare, presumably to garner some kind of advantage in the new world. Right now, I would say: don’t speculatively change any of your behaviors.

We’re still in active development, so dates and other features can still realistically shift. Once testing comes back comfortably clean and we know how all the parts move and fit together, we’ll get all the pertinent information out to you all here, in the WD Tracker, and most likely in a blog post.

What you can do right now is keep listing out any specific concerns and questions you have, because I’ve been cataloging all of those for the team to consider while we’re actively engineering the feature. They’ll also help out a lot in answering questions upfront when we do make an announcement in the coming weeks.


I think we are more worried that you are rushing the project rather than taking too long. No one is concerned about how fast you do it, we just want it to work once is out.

I remember the first few land expansions, there was so much lag for the majority of the player base that only a few brave souls were able to get into atlas and claim several castles for for their teams. The whole release was disappointed and anti climatic for something that couldve been so fun.

Im actually really hoping you get this re-work rightt and fix at least some of the issues in atlas.

We are not trying to gain an advantage! WE are trying to keep our TEAM informed. We need to understand the changes! WE need to be ready to go.

So testing is not going well 3 weeks before launch:

How can we effectively give concerns if we don’t have ANY details. Yes you have your post from March (4 months ago) what parts from that post are still in the new atlas and what has been scrapped?

Feeling VERY VERY uneasy over all of this, if I was on a project that was going well, I would be giving sneak peeks. Saying things like “This is how it works” OR hell the project is right on track!
This posts begs for more questions then it answers!


Sounds like it’s a go and things will be ready…ish

Well I guess we are really gonna find out

3ish weeks away and yet you have no idea how it’s actually going to work? If you (meaning PG) are unable to give us details on how it will all work or give sneak peeks or something 3 weeks before debut because you don’t even know yourself, that is very, very scary. :scream:

And for such a huge project you have no idea how it’s actually going to work 3 weeks from debut? :thinking:


Absolutely, the team had the same concern about rushing out the feature, which is part of the reason as to why we set out a mini-season to give us more time. Keep in mind that land shuffle is not meant to fix all of the concerns, but is the foundation on which all those can be addressed. The team’s work will not end with land shuffle, and preventing stagnation probably won’t even be fully resolved with this initial edition of land shuffle. Just know that we’re committed to making some bold changes in order to improve Atlas for the long haul.