Next Month Atlas Reshuffle Happening?

I think we are more worried that you are rushing the project rather than taking too long. No one is concerned about how fast you do it, we just want it to work once is out.

I remember the first few land expansions, there was so much lag for the majority of the player base that only a few brave souls were able to get into atlas and claim several castles for for their teams. The whole release was disappointed and anti climatic for something that couldve been so fun.

Im actually really hoping you get this re-work rightt and fix at least some of the issues in atlas.

We are not trying to gain an advantage! WE are trying to keep our TEAM informed. We need to understand the changes! WE need to be ready to go.

So testing is not going well 3 weeks before launch:

How can we effectively give concerns if we don’t have ANY details. Yes you have your post from March (4 months ago) what parts from that post are still in the new atlas and what has been scrapped?

Feeling VERY VERY uneasy over all of this, if I was on a project that was going well, I would be giving sneak peeks. Saying things like “This is how it works” OR hell the project is right on track!
This posts begs for more questions then it answers!


Sounds like it’s a go and things will be ready…ish

Well I guess we are really gonna find out

3ish weeks away and yet you have no idea how it’s actually going to work? If you (meaning PG) are unable to give us details on how it will all work or give sneak peeks or something 3 weeks before debut because you don’t even know yourself, that is very, very scary. :scream:

And for such a huge project you have no idea how it’s actually going to work 3 weeks from debut? :thinking:


Absolutely, the team had the same concern about rushing out the feature, which is part of the reason as to why we set out a mini-season to give us more time. Keep in mind that land shuffle is not meant to fix all of the concerns, but is the foundation on which all those can be addressed. The team’s work will not end with land shuffle, and preventing stagnation probably won’t even be fully resolved with this initial edition of land shuffle. Just know that we’re committed to making some bold changes in order to improve Atlas for the long haul.


I did not say that.

I did not say this either.

I understand the excitement, and to an extent, the anxiety around land shuffle. I’ll work with the team on putting some information together. Be informed that some of it might change between now and even one week from now as development proceeds. Please do not be surprised if it does.

You might not have said it, but this statement is HEAVILY implying that you (pg) do not know how atlas will work after this update.

Why is it so hard to give an update on what will become of atlas after the update?

Why is pg behind in a testing phase three weeks out from a HUGE revamp, so far that they can’t release a baseline of what is to come?

Why does a major update to a game have to be so secretive?

Pg is failing miserably at understanding that the headache that is atlas takes a MASSIVE amount of planning on each teams part when doing anything in atlas. You (pg) does not see the weeks worth of planning that is done outside of game.

Hopefully you understand why everyone is highly concerned over this matter because of pg’s track record for releases, and how critical atlas has become for even main game play.


I gotcha, if you say is not rushed than we have no reason to doubt it then, but yea some more detailed info would be nice.

There is a likelihood that we’ll be pushing back land shuffle even further. The team is having some discussions this week and next before we can talk more about dates.

Frankly, we’re not obligated to share every detail of the development process publicly. Otherwise, we’d just have view access to our issue tracking system. This project will be ready when it is ready. Clamoring for specifics right now won’t necessarily help you plan, and could potentially hurt your team if you decide to act on things that are only a part to a whole. For example, we could tell you that 5TAs will be clustered, but you won’t know the layout. How would you plan for what before we have representative map visuals ready? We’ve been having early discussions of adjustments to gold mines and beasts to possibly coincide with land shuffle, but these changes still have the potential to go out after land shuffle, contingent on technical factors.

The team definitely understands that there’s a lot of concern over this feature because of it being a big change. I just want to make sure that we’re keeping this discussion in the realm of civilly expressing your concerns and questions rather than demanding details and information that we’ve expressed are not ready to be shared right now.

Thanks for the update

Wow! Again? This game is getting beyond ridiculous and making people quit with all of the issues and delays. It is very unprofessional and without the appropriate staff to be able to handle it, you suffer and we suffer. Nothing can be counted on from PG.

There is a difference between seeing something final and being told at least something of how it is currently planned and being tested. You can always put the caveat “but it might change a bit before release”.

For your example: If you confirmed today 5tas will be grouped together by relative power of the STRONGEST team (as was said before you just confirmed it to still be the case in development) well then that gives us more than a week to possibly find a new 5ta if we so choose. Just like individual people, groups of teams may not get along so it may not be as simple as join X 5ta because they are all about the same power and speak the same language.

With everything that has been said, it can only be assumed that now you need to choose your 5ta wisely based on highest power of a team. Which means, you cannot do things last minute. If a 5ta doesn’t work well together, well then it screws over all the teams in that 5ta because now they HAVE to be around each other to protect their castles for 3 months.

And that is only one lingering question that could be answered with relative ease on the status of development. I know how things work in development. I’ve seen many a plan at work, even though I’m just the tester not the programmer. Plans originally designed have to be modified significantly or even scrapped, issues arise that need to be accounted for, other system parts you thought didn’t need to be touched are determined needing to be changed with the original planned changes, etc.

Sometimes just a little confirmation on what exactly is still being changed and what isn’t goes a long way. The details can always come out later and may still end up being changed last minute. So far I have not seen any confirmation of any of the original things said that are still the case in testing or have been thrown out.

Yes, it is a big change because we have to look at what has been said which is very little. We look at what has happened lately and this massive change to the dynamic on the horizon with dread. We have no idea what to expect or even if the game will survive this. We have nothing telling us “X will not change with this update”.

So you can take this feedback to the team. Leaving any and all information until the release notes are dropped the Friday before release day will be a disaster. It will be even worse if we only get it on the Tuesday blog before the change on Wednesday. You need time for feedback on the changes before they go live. Feedback doesn’t happen in a day or two. You may find that what you spend all this development time for is downright hated by the players and you need to scrap it. Maybe there is just a small tweak that may need to be made. Maybe we will all love it. You won’t know that if you keep everyone in the dark unless behind a NDA.

One more thing, wary and worried customers are liable to not spend money on an unknown outcome. Many have commented about not renewing their Atlas Elite until more information is known. Some still will regardless as they don’t read the forums or team mails for that matter.


I think the worst thing would be another delay. A mini season was already used to delay it once. It might not be perfect but better to see how it goes.


It worries for me for example that you guys are sticking to the clusters idea without addressing any of the criticisms made or questions asked about it other than the reason for them existing being some sort of nice territorial feeling it gives you or something…

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This is probably the worst response I’ve ever seen to player concern. It’s like PG is run by small (obstinate) children who think they know better than everyone else.
“It’s my toy, so I can do whatever I want, and I don’t have to tell you anything!”

Atlas is a huge part of the game for a lot of teams so of course we’re going to be concerned by any big changes, and PG’s track record is pretty abysmal… When was the last time you rolled out anything successfully? (oh, right, maybe the new green arrows?)

Anyway, keep silent about it, hopefully it will turn out better than the Kingdom Wars fiasco.


Frankly, no one is obligated to spend money on/play the game either. So wouldn’t you think it would be wise to LISTEN to what your #1 source of feedback (i.e. the forums) is saying? Otherwise the downward spiral of people quitting the game/halting spending will increase tenfold.

So you stated before that you were NOT saying the update wasn’t ready, but now you ARE saying the update isn’t ready…which one is it?

Please don’t tell me you guys are still actually in the planning phase, because that is what it is starting to sound like if you can’t even give out a rough draft on what we are “supposed” to play in the next few weeks. You yourself said this update is not something that could be pushed out within a week, so shouldn’t you KNOW atleast a rough draft on how it is going to work when it’s released? And if you did know then that will bring me back to my original question…
:clap: Why :clap: Is :clap: This :clap: Being :clap: Kept :clap: Secretive​:clap: ?

This update is going to crash and burn…badly…if you (pg) doesn’t even know how it’s going to work with only three weeks left until release date.

Can’t wait to see this💩show after the update.

This is 100% backpedaling on the transparency pg was trying to incorporate all of last year. Or did we go from 2019-Year of the Player to 2020-Year of Screw the Player?


There is a likelihood that we’ll be pushing back land shuffle even further. The team is having some discussions this week and next before we can talk more about dates.

What does this mean for the mini atlas season if the shuffle is pushed back?

Part I of the Land Shuffle Preview can be found here. I’ll be closing this thread now to reduce redundant threads and so that we can move the conversation over to the discussion thread.

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