Next PvP Event in the Rotation

Anyone happen to know what the upcoming PvP event will be?

I do, but I want to see the POSTER!



Due to my aforementioned hard drive issues, I had to pull a couple of Woe Dragon announcements out of the vault to satisfy your pun needs while at the same time informing you of the event this week. Sorry and thanks for understanding! @WarDragonsGame

— Paladin Patrick (@pqhiggins) January 27, 2020



Why would you tag someone other than the person who actually makes the posters? :man_shrugging:

Hwrd took responsibility for posting the posters when the person posting them got busy and said they couldn’t do it for a while… maybe not responsibility, but he said he’d do it.

Thank you Hwrd :slight_smile:

Hwrd was on “vacation” for a while, but I’m back baby!
Hwrd debated when/if/why he should promote things for PG…
Hwrd decided that PQHiggins is a positive influence and deserves to have his work published here.
Hwrd is fine with posting the event poster and info as long as he has time on Monday mornings.


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