Next Season Dragon (18 Spring) Spells

Please post the spells from stream on FB. I missed the Discount hunter :cry:

A red healing mark with rage gen (don’t know name), chaos, flash, and fire* flak resist.

I thought it was fire turret resist

So the healing mark generates health & rage?

Yeah. It’s called Springtime something or other

Can we keep this in one thread please?



I’m 90% sure it’s dark flak.
@Twitchx yes.
@Lutrus That thread is pretty unorganized as it is.

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Oh man I thought it was Ice Turret resist but I’m probably mistaking it for Noivern- I mean Noilegg.
Edit: Noilogg? Neilogg? These names are so dxmn hard to spell.

I should have taken screenshots; now second guessing myself.

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Separate thread for spells is fine…that thread has enough messages about a different topic

The hunter has fire flak resist

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Oh you’re right lol. We were all wrong :joy:

Guess I need to learn how to read thank you.

Were you all able to catch the elements of these dragons?

I believe I recall Niolegg/Niologg/Nio-whatever as being Ice element. Not sure about the others.

Mythic sorcerer is fire element. Don’t remember anything else

Discount is wind.

Isn’t discount dark? (Sry thought you were talking about rider)

That’s the rider’s gear!