Next season dragons

Is it possible that next season a dragon like Sage could be introduced, so it had a flame type attack and a white spell as the dragons this season have not been too flash?

No. Sage sucks except at levels below 100. But don’t worry as per track record there will be plenty of crap warriors to choose from each season.


You really are grumpy huh lol, this season has some real nice dragons. My lvl 35 leos is a beast!


Sure come run my base.and see how far u get :joy::man_shrugging:

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Leos is awful…


Please no waste of space like sage…

Wait, on second thought, do please offer some junk warriors. I am not going to be getting it anyway, and since most people seem to get the warrior, please make a warrior like Sage, Abraxxus, or Gladicus. Makes it all the easier for me.

That aside, I would like to reiterate that Avyx was a really great dragon. He is really almost the ideal hunter. All his spells have runes to go with them, they all cost 1 rage, and he can deal out damage like no other dragon.

I don’t really care how bad the warriors are, just as long as you release another hunter on par with Avyx or Necryx.


Abraxxas got better after the poison breathe and superheated revamp. The warrior Attack rate has also been adjusted upward and so now it can clear stronger bases faster. Being able to kill faster will mean less likely to die as it is still vulnerable to turrets and elemental Attack since it has no resist. Sage is still not quite there, PG did a good job to nerf it. Tarand is like dragon a century ago for now. Leos is definitely stronger than any of those but still not fantastic as it lacks spells to do mass damage to many towers at the same time. I hope next season they will use the spell set made available for the current obsidian tier breeder dragons.

@Grumpybigbird To be fair, at the time of Sage’s release, she was actually decent at higher levels before the addition of a few more towers and tower levels. So if you’re saying can we have a warrior that is at least usable then I agree. As much as I like hunters, it would be cool to have viable warriors. But I am gonna go out on a limb here and say more than likely it won’t happen.

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Warriors suck in general

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Agree sage when first released was viable just not at high levels. Another zamrok would be good.

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What do y’all want next season?

Ballista resist, self destruct…time shift, and sand :eyes:

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Now that they buffed Flash I’d like to see it on a divine. Would make a good alternative to cloak especially when dealing with mage supers…I’m assuming mage supers are considered projectiles by the game?

I would like to see adaptive resist on a divine.

Warrior should be something similar on zamrok note.
Mystic wind, heat shield, ice flak resist, fire turret resist

1 rage spell flux with 2 Sec cooldown, sacrifice, super rejuvenate, northern lights

Instant ammo and rage fill for specific tower kill selected prior to fly
Ice turret resist

That wouldn’t be too bad, I guess. I’d like to see a strong hunter, but that’s what we’ve usually been seeing as of late lol. They gotta make actual GOOD warriors so they can at least be viable.

You all don’t see the problem with being able to say, with reasonable accuracy, that Warriors suck?

That’s a third of all dragons.

This is a problem. It’s not about preference either. Or skill. Flying a Warrior well requires precise timing to maximize spell benefits.

Just like all tower types should have a place on a good defense (or at least the potential to have a place), all dragon types should have the potential to leads.

At higher levels, this is just not the case (with occasional exceptions that feel more like accidents than good design).

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Blue mage SS

But warriors definitely have their place.
It’s called the bench…

I´d agree with that Statement! Some weeks ago.

As some of you May have noticed the game is evolving.
In my range (lvl200-300) Moonfang can deal some serious damage where hunters fail.

Also not sure of you who have seen Destar in Action, that thing is next to unstoppable.
Personally to me warriors are the most boring class in this game but I can only recommend not to underestimate them…