Next Season Mythics --- ICE WARRIOR PLEASE!

I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for a Mythic Ice Warrior… last one was UVS.


Daddy needs a new perch dragon. thank you :slight_smile:

I think next season’s mythics will be a Hunter and a Sorcerer if they are to follow the ongoing mythic rotation but I agree, should be any other element other than EARTH for pete’s sake lol


I need an ice or fire mythic hunter, dark would be great to cause im about to retire one of my dragon anyway


It isn’t that long…
Urd, Verd and Skuld

when was last linage not including gig because a divine but linage the warriors need rotated for linage wind then ice wind would be needed more last wind was obsidian and last ice was vanguard for linage not including divines

Not really, invokers replace a hunter or sorcerer. Fall and winter had hunters so Naja is replacing a sorcerer. With two “sorcerers” in a row next you’d expect hunter (or invoker) plus warrior.


There’s never been a fire warrior, just saying. I do think we’ll get another warrior or invoker, and for the other mythic a sorcerer.

Maybe we’ll even get a hunter/invoker combo :flushed:

Not a divine, true, but there have been three lineage ones.

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It would be nice if they could let us know when Invokers will be perchable and what their buffs are. I could always put Namaka on perch while waiting for a better ice mythic.

i think in the next saison dosen‘t come a mystic worrior. i think it‘s comming a hunter and a scorcerer

Actually it seems like they push the hunter or sorcerer back a season or reset the cycle rather than replacing it. I’m expecting a Warrior and Sorcerer

On going rotation would be a warrior and sorcerer, not a hunter

Winter 2018- Warrior/Sorcerer
Spring 2019 - Hunter/Sorcerer
Summer 2019 - Warrior/ Invoker
Fall 2019 - Warrior/Hunter
Winter 2019 - Hunter/Sorcerer
Spring 2020 - Warrior/Invoker

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I expect Fire Hunter & Dark Sorcerer

We had none of these mythics :joy:


I need a fire or dark dragon urgently. I have no good fire dragon and my ronin is retired

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Edit: Yikes, okay. I forgot Zenko. sorry.

You forgot zenko

umm no, we dont? I literally listed it for you. Last time we had an invoker we went Hunter > Invoker > Hunter > Hunter so why wouldnt the cycle do the same thing with sorcerers?

No, it was Zenko in the Spring with Ronin

We need several elements because they keep reusing the same ones and only seem to use the others on trash dragons like Faf. The only fire mythics we’ve had have been sorcerers, of which 1 was badly glitched, 1 got nerfed to hell and 1 was just bad. The last ice mythic we had was Nam yet since her we’ve had 3 earth mythics (almost 4).
I’ve had a set of ice and fire gear sitting there collecting dust since Vanguard. I guess I’ll at least get to use it on Mordred

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NO MORE WARRIORS :joy::joy: I need to get a dragon that actually can be in my roster


How dare you??? :sob:

staring at Meglok, Gryff, Haku, and Hyaku in the roster


My Megs still does the job on PvP :triumph:

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