Next Season Mythics --- ICE WARRIOR PLEASE!

I just prefer hunters and non-sho growth invokers :joy: sorcerers occasionally make into my roster, but mostly just for strategic reasons (like Renard).
I’ve not had a divine warrior in my roster since…I think it would’ve been Cavaleris? Or Tez? I still get them but they only last long enough for me to get them to a tier for Temple Raid.

Their are very few warriors with enough damage output to take some bases. Gig has that kind damage through the kill spell, but even Meglok or Danav (which have powerful damage boosts both) don’t have enough atk power to kill some bases. Then there’s like 5 towers left on a 10 tower island and the dragon is at low health. Especially now with howitzers, shield based warriors are going to suffer. Take Meglok for example: say meg is attacking a long isalnd with a howitzer in the back. Meglok’s shield can’t do anything against the howitzer, and megloks freeze can’t reach that far. It’ll easily die in two shots from a howitzer and will have nowhere near enough time to take out the howitzer before that happens.
A cloaking/blinking hunter with lockdown-type or kill spells (Noctarn, Asura, Narlyth, etc) doesn’t have this problem as long as they get that howitzer locked down or killed/hypnotized (in the case of Narlyth.

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Well, considering that Invokers are a mix of Hunter and Sorcerer, I would expect a mix of the two respective boosts … But it’s just speculation

Philistine. Happy little tentacles grow wherever
Sho’g goes. Look upon their wriggling and rejoice!


My Gig will devour your base and perform a disrespectful puppet show with the corpses of your builders.

In fact, summer should just have Gig2.0, same spells and have it evolve to new tier


I love how Sho looks, but it’s not a particularly complicated dragon and has a very definite cap on the bases it can take.
Sorry @PoseidonPQ I’ll get back on topic

Eh Narlyth’s better
When it’s flown right :wink:

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