Next season preview?

Need a date :pray:

Any idea ?
I will take namaka (or not) if the next mythic is better !

Preview is always the week before release so Wed next week


Like @BIackfyre87 said and Crisis confirmed that on wednesday stream.


Hopefully forSci will be doing the cliff notes version here on the forums :pray: Not sure I can stomach watching any streams for info about future stuff when they haven’t properly addressed the current issues.


And hopefully they won’t increase the sigil cost to get the seasonals. But PG have been on a roll recently so all bets are off.


35k sigils for every branch, 17.5k discount for two weeks and 9k sigils for 125% egg token boost :shushing_face:

Coming soon - Abyssfall! :joy:


Almost a guarantee that this will happen.

They have increased sigil costs for each branch by 3,000 every time a new tier comes out. At least since I started playing and keeping track of it (Fall 2017).

I would guess 34k per line, based on the above.


Abysmal Fall. Decent into payer madness!

Sigil costs go up by 6K this time cause end game players earn too many of them.

Players get slightly better Mythics than Nam/Meg
Players get a mostly useless discount dragon.
Players get Base Boost on week 1, same time as discount dragon.
Egg token boost branch drops to 80% and 100% cause players get too many tokens today.

Our analysis shows not enough players defend in Atlas. Therefore perma troop loss increases to 40% when 5 flamed on defense.

PG introduces more exotic rune limited time branches. $$$

Same old, Same old. /yawn



They added Empyrean and reduced cost by 1k when they did the season restructure…


Man, I must have been on some good drugs to have missed that. Thanks, Mech.


In which case

This. Because they’ll realize that they forgot to increase costs for Empyrean and will feel the need to double-down.


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Yay another warrior for the discount -_- last hunter was last winter season ?

how do you know it’s a warrior? it should be a hunter

How do ya figure? Do you assume it follows a pattern or do you think that they pick the weakest of the released dragons that season, or do you think its entirely random?



You mean two seasons ago? I has not exactly a chasm of time has it? Call it compensation for Aibrean being “a season too early” if you must.

edit: For reference, the discount dragons since I’ve been playing:

  • Hunter
  • Warrior
  • Hunter
  • Sorcerer
  • Warrior
  • Hunter
  • Warrior
  • Sorcerer
  • Warrior (?)

Four warriors, three hunters, two sorcerers, not massively out of balance.

Clearly it should have been a discount sorcerer then! (even if we already had one for the 2019 summer season :rofl:)

So the preview is today right? I wanna know what gear I need to be building for the next mythic.