Next season should be 20% cheaper

During the pandemic we all had excess cash and or time, so we could acccomodate all the seasonal structure increases over the past 2 years.

We could spend more money or put in more time to grind.

Now that many of us are back in the office I think it makes sense to reduce the cost of the season so that people can spend less cash and or less time in the game.

Many people I am talking to on line are all saying the same thing

Being back in the office means they cant defend in atlas for 10 hours a day. It means they cant farm as much. They have less time.

In addition it means more costs ( transport to office, food etc) and with inflation and interest rates increasing discretionary spend for entertainment is the first way to cut costs.

You only need to look at Netflix and other online entertainment businesses who are bleeding customers as consumers cut discretionary items.

I know for myself personally that my time has now halved. To get what I usually get in this game ill need to spend more. And honestly im just not willing to spend more than $300 - 500 a month on a game that money can goto better things.

So I think it makes sense to reduce seasonal costs significantly to maintain the current player population. Or make the elites / packs more worthwhile and reduce the burden of play.

While I’m only small fry and it makes no difference if I continue playing or if I retire I suspect there are others in a similar position to myself where they now have either less time or less financial resources for entertainment.

A big structure price reset could be a great way to keep interest in this game given that significant new content is now quite scarce and most people are bored.


I think we need an overhaul of the cost for the entire game to “reset” and “restructure” everything from event prizes to breeding costs and season branch cost.

Soon Seasonal Branches will cost 40k+ Sigils and our Events don’t change in reward payouts, and all chest drops don’t change either. This coped with the ever growing breeding increase, the cost is becoming more and more unreasonable.


Let’s not forget the devaluing lines and also that nifty key cost shuffle they did last season that eliminated all the cheap keys at the start of lines for us to use as our 19th and 20th keys. Plus of course this season where we got increased mythic requirements and lost an entire dragon that we paid for.

Let’s be real though, they’re never going to decrease costs. They’re just going to continue cutting lines while increasing costs either directly or indirectly.


For me the worst cost increase was the introduction of ascension tokens. Now you have to get (almost) two mythics to get one full strength dragon.


I agree with this - basically one mythic now costs 40 keys.


Speak for yourself I was saving mine :eyes:


Smart move :smiley:

I wish I had done the same.

I agree. The increasing prices are a problem. At least from time to time they should increase the amount of sigils in chests and event prices.


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The raising tower costs for embers and electrums is the worst. This needs an update for sure. I finished Orrey, Archmage and half Occolus branch and sparely have enough rss to level my towers.


Yeah cost increase is way to high in comparison what’s the output on rewards. It’s dangerous for PG too, because there is always a brake even where people left a game because the fun goes down seeing the outcome is to bad in comparison to the necessary input.


I like reading topics like this one where potential changes need to be made in the game for better improvement and player’s happiness to keep playing.

Then again, PG step it up! My wallet is waiting for real change lol.

Cost increase coupled with steady devaluation is what ultimately helped make my decision to quit after this season. My ocd will not allow me to quit sooner :joy:
I am ready and looking forward to it. I was proud of the fact I’ve been at this game for almost 7 yrs. I kept hoping for an awesome portrait or some sort of recognition marking those player milestone achievements but unfortunately that never happened.
The mystic frag thing…I feel they were a bad addition to begin with. Too much unnecessary currency is used as a bandaid that never fixes the underlying problem.


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I’ll post just for you :crazy_face::joy::+1:
The underlying problem…………
That’s a very good way to describe the core objective of the game!
If your looking for that underlying problem it’s the defense objective which is short term that causes literally all of our issues and yes it’s being used because it’s more profitable…….
Yes we can fix it very easily!
And all that’s needed is a real map with the proper LONG TERM objective!
Adding or adjusting this structure is pointless as it’s foundation is flawed……

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First off covid didn’t effect everyone as many of us worked our butts off the whole pandemic. Nothing in many lives changed. So let’s just ignore that for a bit.

As for rising costs, as long as new content is released this will never ever be fixed, as they discount old tiers now.

I would really like to see one tier a year instead of 2 personally with more resources spent in atlas to update the game that way. Atlas should be our meta, not new content. But here we are.


I mean, it’s why I started the game lol

As long as there is people working on the game, there will be new graphics, new dragons, new seasons, and new content.

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Wow… I mean, that was a really foolish and absurd statement to make. Like really just straight up stupid to have said. Covid affected everyone, some much more than others yes but literally everyone was affected in some way so please dont be an ass downplaying a pandemic that killed millions globally and destroyed businesses, jobs and lives. Really disappointed in you for making a statement like that, Nak.

How does discounting old content in any way help with raising seasonal costs? Event prizes arent being increased and neither are chest drops. More sigils are not coming in to offset those costs so discounting towers and old tiers doesn’t really help those who were already maxing all of Fort and Breeding events. Yes, the discounts are fantastic to have in terms of progress but they dont help that much with the actual season.


I think he meant only that Covid didn’t affect I the way that more people had more time to play this game and spend their money for it instead of going to work. This might only had happened during the first lockdown 2 years ago which didn’t last that long by the end. And many surely didn’t have excess money and instead needed to be afraid to loose their job, maybe still do.
Covid sure changed many things but relating to this game it doesn’t have an effect. Otherwise we would have more players playing meanwhile lol.