Next season should be 20% cheaper

Lol if I had the power I’d change a lot :crazy_face: I’ve given up on economy based ideas here as gaming across the board has seen a very high increase in cost to play.

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Most people commute 30-60 minutes a day so I was meaning there was more time available.

Chats at the kitchen or cafetaria could easily be substituted with some chill time.

Boring webex meetings with people crapping on could also be afk’d :slight_smile:

isn’t it suppose to increase , next tier will come out in next season :speak_no_evil:

It is but I would argue that after covid a portion of the playing population will be unable to absorb new costs.

As costs go up players who want to achieve what they have always achieved will need to either (a) buy more packs or (b) grind more.

I reckon most of us don’t have the time to grind more we are already spending too much time in game.

I reckon many of us spending ~$100-500 per month dont want to spend more than that. People spending more than that can absorb it better.

If we dont grind more or spend more then our quality of life drops. Instead of getting a mythic with 1 or both runes we might not be able to afford a double rune mythic anymore.

If we can’t afford one we cant play competitively.

If we cant do that then for sure some players will retire.

Then its a question for PG - do they want to keep lots of players spending $100-500 per month or do they want to lose them and focus on just milking whales.

If more core player’s go then costs need to go up even faster as only the whales will be able to absorb the costs


Surprising as this may be, whales are likely not the ones keeping the ship afloat. Small transactions from lots of players will likely be the majority of income.

Even if this isn’t the case, smaller players giving up on spending will have a knock on effect to the whales (what would the point be in keeping up the spending if the “krill” are no longer there).

Anyway it’s not our place to speculate on PGs income streams, so we probably should move back to talking about our activity levels.

Personally my pre pandemic activity was on the commute to/from work and when at home with the occasional “toilet” break to sneak the game in. During the lockdowns I his changed to be able to be available at almost all times. Being available at almost all times does lead to burnout though.


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