Next season's Mythic

Considering PGs constant failure to create a new Mythic sorcerer that everyone likes. And the success they had with releasing a lineage mythic as a divine (Hauhazen). I am of the opinion that next season should have a Mythic Dark sorcerer in the form of a Seasonal version of Apophet.
He already has an awesome spell set. Everyone likes him. And he is wasted as being a sapphire dragon. How many of us would cut our arms off at the chance to have him as an evolving dragon??
He doesn’t even need changed. Just make him seasonal and leave everything else as it is. I would be happy


Hauzen is different from hauheset though
Fly pattern for both dragon are quite different
I agree I would love a sorcerer create base on apophet but the spell set shouldn’t be the same and need to tweak a bit for current meta


Wasn’t quite the point. Zen is based off hauhaset. And was well recieved was the angle I was going for. If they want to change up apophet a bit it would still be better than what they are pumping out now 🤷 they have the framework for a seasonal version of Apophet. People would do whatever they can to get him which brings in revenue for PG and if they keep the spell set close to his current one then the resulting dragon would be a beast worth having on your roster.

From what i read it’s almost like you want an almost exact copy which is definitely not usable up in higher tier so i said change the spell to suit current meta
And tbh they shouldn’t be focusing on that just yet and focus on fixing the turd that is sepulla


I see your point. I should have written it better. There would have to be changes to make him suitable for the current mecha. Hopefully they fix sepulla and then consider a variation of Apophet for next season

Odds are they have a basic idea of next seasons dragons. But yes,FIX SPATULA FIRST


A variant of Jörmungandr would be awesome (hopefully in keeping with the topic)


All white spells.
Turn night fall into a spell that ups your swipe attack by 50-100% every 8 seconds or so (stackable) as well as gives 2 rage back.
Change nocturnal fissure into a 1-2 rage white shield that blocks mage drains as well as ALL damage and converts some into health.
Change umbural spike to always being white and healing you as well as having a short cool down. Make the summon do a little more damage, and absorb a little more damage and have the same HP% as original Apop’s summon.

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Maybe a white freeze instead of a red one?

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Haven’t got jorm yet(have van eggs but too low to hatch) but he’s meant to be good. Definitely keeps with the topic tho. There are mythic sorcerer’s in lineage that would work and discussing them might bring PG to act on it. I picked apophet cuz he’s the best one for the shift so far for me

I have an idea on how to change sepulla and still basically keep the same concept and allow him to tank a long base like jl and fpz

  • Change the the A2A to a deathgaze or gild type of spell
  • decreases the rage for the freeze to 1 rage
  • make the summon auto respawnable after 5s but decreases the hp it has to 100%.

These changes allow sepulla more openings but will require sepulla flyer need to interact a lot more and need to find a pattern to protect the summon, if the summon die sepulla still have a chance to survive by trying to stay alive until the summon is back


Pretty sure like 100% next season wont have a sorcerer mythic.

I say NO to a respawnable summon. The biggest part of Spatulas design is to protect the summon-why it has a freeze

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For apophet revamp
The nocturnal fisure should be a white cloak like pathox but allow apo2 to attack/use spell whiles cloak
The nightfall should be a high damage boost spell which make it’s almost so that it will increase the fire ball speed and deal enough damage to kill tower within 3-4 fireball
The spike will be white and heal 15% on cast
The summon should modified to deal 3-4% hp as damage and increase a bit of rage

Isn’t it a earth warrior and ice/wind invoker , based on pattern

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It should be

Pretty similar to what I said

Yes but my idea allows apophet to kinda have some avoidance to ice flak ss to actually live through a defense base


Apop revamp I suggested (and you) should not need to worry shift ice flaks as it can one shot them before they SS, but a cloak/freeze is always nice.

Howi still hurt so I think being able to cloak is more useful