Next tier after obsidian?

Did next tier informed ?


i love that they have adds showing a new tier but tell the players nothing…

breed starts tonight and i need to know how to use my tokens…


Save them! Most likely the will release a 4.0 update with new tier towards end of the breeding event. You waited so long, few more days should be ok


Lol remember how mythic obsidian came out in the last 3 hours of event last time?:sweat_smile:
Was a shit move that one🤬
I would prefer spending my tokens on a new tier, not wasted on research eggs or useless obsidians
hedran, lumina, garisol cough cough

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Seems to be two warriors (four legged, chubby dragons), a hunter (bipedal), and a sorcerer (four legged and slim). Wonder if that’s all for now, and others in a couple of months?

Gotta admit they are pretty good with the appearance of the dragons.

Was a pain in the … somewhere, indeed

The venus flytrap hunter looks terrific, great idea there.


I’m still years away from any of these, but that clockwork/mechanical warrior dragon does look real cool. Others are pretty awesome as well. Let’s hope they have spells to match so we’ll actually see them fly.

I guess tier named as monster tier :joy:

First dragon looks like a evolution from gog (purple tier ) . Sorcerer is a upgraded version of kinnara :wink:

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I wouldn’t take that as being true :joy::joy:

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Got from one player

Like I said. There is a reason only one member from CF posted. I’d make beta there is more than one thing wrong here.


Which would beg for the answer to the question:
Why do we have/need a CF?

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Because it’s free marketing for PG. it’s also fun to see them compete to see who the first one to tweet this stuff out. Besides that? Not much.

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This is the best part of the “announcement”.

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For things like this:


Hey everyone!

I see you’ve found our video from the War Dragons Newsletter… :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

Also, an Update: Any information that was leaked today other than the video posted above is NOT FINAL INFORMATION. Feel free to speculate, but it is NOT finalized until an official post goes out! Which should be…soon…

Anyone got a favourite dragon they’re eyeing from that video yet?