Nice atlas expansion



So one spends months preparing for this new land release and expansion, yet can not move the primarch to claim land. So tell me what’s the recourse for this “bug”? The good uninstall and install did not work, and I am Sure PG will claim it’s my connection, which by the way is totally false! So I’ve played approximately 3 years and I am done. PG will promote a product that is deceptive and ask that you spend. Why release new content when you have not fixed the old? It is always some dumb response like “it’s a known issue and will be forwarded to our specialists”. Exactly what is it that they specialize? I am beginning to believe they specialize in larceny. I would love to hear thoughts on this subject or what steps, if any, PG will take to remedy this situation.


Did you try to move to nml/NZ next to the castle you wanted or just try to directly go to the castle?


Honestly compared to the last expansion this was almost flawless. Yeah issues got through and there were definitely areas to improve on but it is night and day compared to previous. It sucks you guys had such major issues. You may still be able to claim stuff from the newly conquered castles. But for once I have to give it to them. This really went as good as we could have hoped.


Had no problems moving. The issue here I think, as with most noobs I’ve spoken with, is that they don’t bother waiting for the castle info to load. They just click and when it doesn’t do anything they go elsewhere and click again. And it doesn’t do anything again.



This was much better than the last land-grab.

It’s a shame that we’re collectively excited when a release goes LESS BADLY than we expect :rofl:

We are sad, sick people, and PG knows it.


Agreed. I think this expansion went really well. :+1:


what was the error you got?


It was smooth sailing over here!


:point_up:t2: This.


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