Nicknames for this season's dragons

Since everyone has such issues with pronouncing the seasonal dragons’ names this season, I though I’d poll the community on good nicknames. Here are mine, based on them being a gang of criminals:

Aibrean = a brain = Ringmaster
Nollaig = no lag = GetawayDriver
Corthanak = caught in the act = FallGuy


A dragon with a name that even remotely resembles the phrase “no lag” has no place in this game :joy:


Ahahaha NoLag I didn’t even think of that :rofl::rofl::rofl:
My brain went NollEgg -> NogEgg -> Eggnog :woman_shrugging:t2:

Aibrean is usually AirBean, AirBrain, or Airbag


Aibrean -> Ai
Nollaig -> Moose
Corthonak -> Casper

Love that! But now whenever I think brain I think Brian the brain because some kid in my science class spelt brain wrong so my teacher decided that from now on that was now Brian the brain. My teacher has a weird sense of humor. This guy is 18.

Absolutely no idea why this made me think of that lol

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