NidoGod’s Transform and Merge Tool

**Edit 24 Nov 19: Tool is full version and live. Thank you to everyone who provided tips and suggestions along the way. If you have suggestions for this tool please place them below or pm me. **

Hi All!

With the exciting news that Tower Transform and Tower Merge functions will be available to players, I have created this tool to help you explore and plan the possibilities that may be available to you. This is a BETA version because there are still a lot of specifics we don’t know and some of the previously released details may be subject to change prior to release in-game.

I will be looking at doing a tool to help plan mergers whereby multiple towers will go into a single tower once more information becomes available about the specifics of the merge function.

I hope this helps.

Edit: BETA for multiple towers into a single tower has been made live. Please note that this has been built on the assumption that each merge is sequential. As a result, please pay careful attention with each tower you add to see if their contribution does not change the end result.

Transform/Merge Tool v1.25
Updated for tower levels up to 137
** Note that Oculus Tower and Archmages are not currently mergeable or transformable in-game.


Why is it only View Only? How can i edit in there?

Hi MyNameIsSohom, I have checked the link and it is working fine for me. It should ask you to make a copy.

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Just had to do a quick update because some tables were disturbed when building the N to 1 Merger. Thanks to Sally for pointing it out!

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It didn’t. I have downloaded it. But nothing avails.

I have heard cases where clearing your history and website data can help with this kind of issue. Hopefully it works for you.

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Oh no need. I manually copied it. Works smoothly. Thank You for making this!!

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I like this file , very useful , good job .

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Thank you very much, Eff.

SUPER handy.

I’ve used this as 2 examples and posted them for our clan today so they have at least a rough idea of what will happen, in particular the XP and timer requirements.

Hopefully folks don’t just dive in on day one and use the tool before hand.

Thanks for making it!


Yeah, it can get very expensive very quickly! The valuation of tiers really makes a big difference particularly for transformation, big xp debts can be incurred rapidly.

Glad you like it!

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On the positive side a big debt allows tho to stay low in level with strong base

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Really good job. easy to use and follow. No instructions really needed. I LOVE IT. Thank you very much for making and sharing

Thank you for this tool!
Gives a really good insight on what is beneficial to sacrifice and what is not.
Playing with different combinations now :smile:

Really disappointed with Ice turrets, those shards are very valuable and now rare to find yet merging a lvl 31 turrent into lvl 68 turret gives only 3 levels on the reciever tower :unamused: So inefficient, but got to do it.

Actually I have a question.
What is the lowest level of the donor tower to make any change on recipient tower? Beacuse merging even 10 towers around lvl 10 makes no change at all. Guess there is some minimum, and below that towers do not make any impact and just get burned for nothing.

I’m glad to see that people are enjoying this!

I love this question. I am actually going to put a little table next to the “1 to 1 Merge” section that will list this for you. :smiley:

I think it depends on the recipient tower… if its a high enough level that it takes 100k xp to move to next level, most likely level 10 towers (1264 xp) won’t effect it much… but the lowest level you can donate from is a level 10 tower

Big thank you Nido :facepunch:

This is basically what’s happening, and it’s both XP and the amount of timers/embers/shards invested that need to be sufficient to bump the higher-level tower up.

So I’m playing around with the N to 1 merge, seeing what levels are needed to get a max tower for my builder hut level. In so doing, I’ve tried “zeroing” out a tower by making its level 1, but this has the effect of also removing the contribution for all following towers. I have to make it 10 to restore the others’ contributions.

Also, instead of displaying “Beyond Limit”, maybe display the value, perhaps color coded? e.g., if 62 is max level, but contributing towers are up to 65, display 65 (red)? some indication of how much over level would be nice.

But terrific as is, thanks!


Thanks for the feedback!

This is an intended mechanic that I placed for two reasons:

  1. We have had examples of the math that is intended to be applied to mergers but had no examples of the actual interface from PG that shows players will be able to select multiple towers in the single transaction. I erred on the side of caution and will hit fix when we have more info.

  2. This tool is serving as the basis for a true “Planner” tool that will allow you to log and track all intended merges and transformations so you get a holistic view on what your intended actions will mean XP and timer-wise.

Great idea and one I was hoping to do this weekend. It’s good to know that others felt this was needed.

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This is absolutely fantastic! Thanks for putting it together! I know exactly what I need to do once transform/merge is live. :purple_heart:

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