Night Owls.?. Off topic

Just trying to find friends. Seems like my teammates are never on. Plus it would be cool to have more friends Shot in the dark

:thinking: Night owl…
Noctua is an owl dragon (plus it comes from nocti, which is night)

trying to find means that it’s not that easy, so perhaps not Noctua as she is lineage.

Another dragon with β€œnocti” as the name is Noctarn.

:scream: Anyone claiming Noctarn?

Jokes aside, perhaps either #recruitment or #off-topic

Is your team too quiet or what? There are quite a few line groups and game related groups that are active you could meet folks in.

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feel free to invite me to any and all group chats

I’m going to find more friends whether my new friends like it or not :smiling_imp:


Meeee tooo. My groups are silent add me on line app. deathqveen2387

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