Night Theme & Quests

I’ve seen a lot of negative comments about the new night theme but I love it :heart_eyes: It’s nice to see another change in scenery. My only issue, which was happening before this last update, is that sometimes the Dark Flak is invisible. I have to look for the dark purple mark on the ground to find it and that’s usually after the sob has stunned the shit outta my dragon. And yes the night theme does make that very hard to see. But I’d just like the flak fixed and keep the night theme :blush:

Also I see a nice improvement in the quest challenges as far as requirements go. Thank you so much for that!! Of course I still see lots of negative comments about the payout but I’m gonna be thankful instead of bitching. :grin::grin:

Is anyone else having an issue with Dark Flaks? Does anyone else love the new night theme?
How are y’all doin with the quests this event?


It’s funny, I agree with everything you’ve stated.

I like the new theme - though i can see why others don’t.

I have the same issue with the dark flak and have been for months.

One other feature I noticed. The colour change in the research to help identify which tier you are viewing.

I would agree on both counts.
Occasionally the dark flaks have their cloaking turned on, and only cast a shadow. (iPad, iPadPro, and iPhone7) Makes it a real pain to know if they are still there or not, especially since they don’t put out an easily visible projectile when they fire.
I love the dark theme, visual challenges and all.

Good job PGMicheal for tweaking it so fast in response to forum user’s comments.

I was going to make a similar post to this it’s been bugging me to death all morning all the negative whining and complaining about a UI not a.REAL problem to be fixed Pg needs to be working on serious issues not something subjective to each person opinions & completely superficial aesthetic. I’m thankful and happy with the dark night look, they already immediately brightened monuments & ships last night for the blind people who need eyes examined & learn to fly better the ships I can Hit with my eyes closed. Wake up grateful for blessings. :pray::heart: Never seen so many complainers in my life.

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I like it, makes it easier to see mage colors also

Right! I saw everyone complaining last night. I don’t know what it looked like last night since I didn’t do the update. We had a war start and updating during war gives me an ulcer lol. I usually wait until my phone forces them through. When I got on this morning I was instantly happy by the change. They were talking like the towers themselves were moved and they couldn’t find them anymore. I told them they all needed to put that muscle memory to use since towers were still in the same spots as always. I’ve played so much I think I could fly bases in the dark by now.

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I like the nite thing, just a little too hard to see some things.

The dar flak blob u speak of, can be fixed by uninstalling and re installing WD app.

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