Night time look


Hi I’m wanting to know if someone can tell me why my base has now turned into like a night time mode. I really don’t like it.


Turn the lamp on :eyes:. Jks.

Its springveil theme. Nothings wrong with your game.


Your game probably updated. It’s the new season UI and it’s probably here to stay for the rest of Springveil :///

We just gotta deal with it, I guess.


How do I turn it off. Or can’t I do that.


Oh ok. It’s really dark aye. I spose I will get used to it.


U can’t, wait for another update. I think theyll do something about it being too dark.


PG says that they are working on making it brighter


Hey thanks for reply guys. I thought my game was glitching out. Great help.


Welp they just changed the UI- I don’t know if I like this or not.