Nightmares come to life with the Abyssal Tier Mythics

What awaits us in the Abyss?

There are some dragons in this world that even the most seasoned riders dare not fly. You, Dragon Lord, however are no ordinary flyer! The mere threat of death isn’t enough to stop you from mastering the skies with your draconic allies. These dragons though, aren’t so easily tamed. They’d sooner consume you whole––or worse––before joining your cause. Are you worthy to control their might? Or will you be lost, petrified, and consumed by the Abyss?

This week, Arelyna will fly the new Mythic Abyssal Dragons on stream! Catch the show on Twitch this Wednesday, December 11th at 3pm PT to see these new Dragons in action.

Players will need a Level 15 Breeding Castle and Incubator to breed the Abyssal Mythics. The Abyssal Mythics expert at Den level 110, which requires player level 467. Please note that Den level 110 won’t be available when the dragons first launch given the staggered release of Tower Levels for Abyssal Tier

For more information on the release of the Abyssal Tier, please see the first wave and second wave releases!

Underworld Warden

Guards the gates of the Underworld from those that would plunder it.

There are grand treasures in the world of Atlas for those daring enough to steal them. Deep underground in the Underworld lie the choicest valuables and also the fiercest guardians: the three-headed dragons called Cerberath. They gravitate to places of great wealth in the endless tunnels and caverns, and the mere rumor of a Cerberath is enough to send would-be plunderers back to the surface with empty hands.

Mythic Fire Warrior

Breeding Pair: Cordys & Marlis


  • Mystify - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Upon activation, Dragon blinds nearby towers to dodge all non-beam attacks for 3 seconds. During this time, the Dragon will move 50% slower. Spell has a 5 second cooldown.

  • Flame Torrent - Passive | Yellow
    Breath attack that ramps up damage on sustained attack up to cap.

  • Howl of the Underworld - Active | White
    Alternates between Pitiless Wail, Ancient Fury, and Violent Frenzy.

    • Pitiless Wail - 2 Rage: Damages towers in target radius for 3.8% of dragon HP and reduces the attack damage of damaged towers by 30%.
    • Ancient Fury - 1 Rage: Slows rage generation for the dragon by 90% for 4 seconds but grants 2 rage immediately and heals for 20% of max HP on building destruction
    • Violent Frenzy - 1 Rage: deals 75% of the dragon’s max HP to a random tower.
  • Fire Flak Resist - Passive | Yellow
    Reduces damage from Fire Flak towers by 70%.

Design Intent

Cerberath is a particularly powerful warrior with a new passive breath ability: Flame Torrent. As Cerberath damages a tower with its breath attack, the flamethrower’s damage will ramp up exponentially, up to a cap. This damage bonus will persist if you change targets, but if Cerberath is stunned, or if they stop dealing damage, the bonus will reset. Flame Torrent makes Cerberath excellent at shredding high health towers, as well as powering through Healing Hammers and Supershots. Cerberath relies on Flame Torrent for most of its damage, so the dragon’s other spells revolve around protecting it from supershots and stuns. Mystify can be activated to dodge all non-beam attacks and supershots, and the spell is particularly effective at shutting down Dark Flak Towers. Cerberath also has a new multi-stage spell: Howl of the Underworld. The first spell in sequence is Pitiless Wail, which freezes and debuffs all nearby towers to deal less damage. Next is Ancient Fury, which restores rage on cast and causes Cerberath to heal when they destroy towers. Violent Frenzy is the final spell, which fires a destructive bolt at a predetermined tower. Howl of the Underworld’s spells combo together when cast in sequence. Freeze and debuff nearby towers to halt incoming damage, restore rage with Ancient Fury, and then immediately cast Violent Frenzy to destroy a tower and heal. Cerberath’s success lies in maintaining Flame Torrent’s damage bonus. Dark Flak and Fire Flak supershots will reset the bonus if they connect, so prioritize them accordingly.

Vicious Gorgon


A mythical beast whose petrifying gaze has been the doom of many.

The key to training a Medusys dragon is mirrors. Not because they stop anyone being petrified by an errant glance, but instead to distract the wicked dragon with its own reflection. They could spend hours quietly watching the snakes that form their mane, so that is when they are saddled and made ready to fly. Once the mirrors are taken away the situation gets very dangerous again, but no dragon rider lives forever. At least with Medusys, they’ll be remembered with a lifelike statue.

Mythic Ice Hunter

Breeding Pair: Oculex & Daegon


  • Gorgon’s Guise - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Cloaks for up to 2 seconds or until broken by attacking, and while cloaked, dragon flies at 25% of normal speed. Dragon has 50% increased damage for 4 seconds after uncloaking. Spell has a 1 second cooldown.

  • Petrifying Gaze - Active | Red | 2 Rage
    Petrifies all towers within range for 3.5 seconds. Towers take 50% additional damage from all sources after being afflicted

  • Death Stare - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Dragon’s next attack deals enough damage to destroy most buildings instantly. Spell has a 3 second cooldown.

  • Adaptive Flak Resist - Active | White | 0 Rage
    Change Flak Resist type on use and gain a small amount of Rage. Cycles through Dark, Fire, Ice, and Electro Flak Resist. Resists by 70%. 1 second cooldown per use.

Design Intent

Medusys is a debuff-oriented hunter that requires careful ability targeting and timing. Medusys’s main offensive ability is Death Stare, which will destroy almost any tower in one shot. Medusys should look to cast Death Stare as frequently as possible, focusing first on Red Mage towers and any high-damage threats. Destroying the Red Mage will enable Petrifying Gaze, which will damage and freeze all nearby towers as well as cause them to take increased damage. Petrifying Gaze can also be used to knock enemy projectiles out of the air, including Mage Tower supershots. To help avoid damage, Medusys has Gorgon’s Guise. When cast, the dragon will cloak briefly. Upon uncloaking, Medusys will briefly gain increased breath damage. Try to combo the bonus breath damage from Gorgon’s Guise with Petrifying Gaze’s debuff to shred towers as fast as possible. Finally, Medusys has Adaptive Flak Resist. For maximum damage mitigation, Medusys can destroy one threatening tower with Death Stare and set Adaptive Flak Resist to avoid another. Medusys requires a massive amount of rage to fuel its constant spell-casting, so be sure to cycle Adaptive Flak Resist when flying between islands, or if you’re not facing a particularly threatening tower.

Monstrous Maw

A hungry mouth that lives to consume

The gliding shape and enormous open jaws of Ladron are no strange sight to the shambling inhabitants of the Wailing Marshes. Their undeath makes them unfit for consumption, so they are safe. Anything living however may get eaten up by the insatiable Ladron.

Mythic Dark Sorcerer

Breeding Pair: Bilge & Orthoptar


  • Smother - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Deals 14% of dragon’s modified HP as damage to all towers in target area and prevents them from attacking or using supershots. Disabling effect is removed when tower takes damage.

  • Mark of Hunger - Active |Blue | 1 Rage
    Healing marks are applied to all towers in range. Healing Marks restore 15% of dragon’s modified HP when marked towers are destroyed.

  • Devour - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Deals 2500% of dragon’s attack power as damage to target tower and restores 15% of dragon’s modified HP on cast. 3 second cooldown.

  • Sacrifice - Active | White | 0 Rage
    Deal 7.5% HP damage to your dragon and gain 2 rage. 8 second cooldown.

Design Intent

Ladron is a precision-based Sorcerer that hunter fliers will be quite familiar with. Ladron focuses on carefully choosing its targets and combining its different spells for maximum effect. Ladron’s primary offensive spell is Devour, which will heavily damage all towers in a small target area and restore health on cast. Devour can be used to destroy threatening towers, enable Ladron’s more defensive spells, or just for a heal as you clean up an island. Ladron’s main defensive spell is Smother, which is disable all towers in a large target area until they take damage. Smother’s disabling effect prevents towers from attacking or using supershots, and it will carry over to the next rounds of a battle. Ladron doesn’t have access to any direct shielding or damage-mitigating abilities. Instead, the dragon relies on massive amounts of healing, for which it has Mark of Hunger. When cast, Mark of Hunger will apply a Mark to all nearby towers. If any of them are destroyed, Ladron will restore some health. These marks will carry over between rounds, so any following dragons can make use of the marks that Ladron didn’t claim. Ladron requires constant spell-casting in order to stay alive, so the dragon has traded out a resist for Sacrifice, which can convert a portion of Ladron’s health into extra rage. Ladron fliers must carefully manage their health pool throughout a battle. Ladron relies heavily on healing from its various spells to keep itself alive, on top of balancing the self-damage from Sacrifice to sustain all the spell-slinging. One last tip: try to carefully aim Devour so you destroy multiple Marked towers in one shot. Ladron will heal for each marked tower that is destroyed, on top of the innate healing of Devour.

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