Nineworlds2 LFM 4 platinum IV guild*

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Language:English or Spanish
Time Zone:any
Played time:must have a active status and not miss wars
Age Range: no matter
Elite Account?:no matter
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon:

About: hello everyone nineworlds2 Is like a family guild we welcome anyone who is very active or active. We are looking for 5 individuals who want to progress and push for atlas. Please send me a email to Id name Lokiyaa. We will be replacing 5 on Monday so please contact me ASAP. Another way is look us up under team search.

Don’t be shy peeps just leave me your user id if you are interested…

Hit us up don’t be shy

Don’t be shy :slight_smile:

Ask away…


I guess the only way to recruit is by sending out invites…


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