No 4.38 Update on Android



I was trying to log onto my alt on my Samsung and it kept saying to update to version 4.38 even though there’s no update showing in the playstore.


Hasn’t 4.38 update been awhile? (Prior to nasty attack bug)
Perhaps, try to delete and redownload the game…


Already tried that. The message kept popping up even then

Unable to load the game after the last update

@Arelyna , @PGCrisis , any word for this?


Do you play on both apple and android?

Looks like apple went to 4.39 today but android didn’t.

This happened a while back when apple got an update to a slightly newer version to fox a bug on iOS that didn’t exist on android and only the newer version on iOS was accessible for play.


2 teammates of mine are issuing this very same problem! Actualy they can’t LOAD the game cause it’s asking for a non-existing Update (that 4.38+gn already downloaded)!

Now that will mess on our War we have as this came as issue when the War started last night!


Same here. Patiently waiting for 4.39 to show up on main… To words PG: version control


Having the issue here what is the solution to get this fix


Can we have an answer from relevants on when the 4.39 update is due for Android?


About tree-fiddy.


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