No apology gift and now season is over

anyone else get ignored by pg after informing them that certain people did not get apology gift for atlas? i was directly affected by the complications related to the troop training event. they refused to listen to me when i tried to let them know i did not get apology like most? no amount of reloading the game made a difference. is there a reason they would neglect to send one to me?



No one is refusing to listen to you. We still have a huge backlog that we’re working through. If you had access to Atlas for the troop training event you should have been credited what you earned but were unable to collect, plus extra. If you were not credited anything at all, let me know what your ticket number is and I can have someone take a look. If you were credited but you feel it’s the wrong amount, please be patient as we sort through the queue.

In the chance that you are unaware, please make sure to go through and claim all the gift chests that you have (including the gifts you get when a teammate purchases a pack). If you have any outstanding gifts to claim, you will likely need to finish claiming them as the apology gift may be behind one of them.


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