NO ASSAULT HUH ? Well we knew about breeding but ........................... :( EVENT OF THE WEEK 16/10-21/10

I am still wondering if they took Assault off for good , anyway what are you breeding this week ??

@PoseidonPQ nice work


2nd half of Tuktu
Balahm (accelerate its incubation)
Valens (waiting next fort to put in the incubator)

and about 3 garnet eggs for research in order to get to the 254k point mark.

Too bad Assault didn’t came back for this breeding event…



oculex and some empyrean back breeds

This is just going to have to do for a BrundleDragon. I can’t unsee all of the non PG-13 junk that I found searching for variations on humans and dragons.

I’ll be posting my rant about breeding costs elsewhere today.


Finishing Kaze and breeding J+J :partying_face:

I absolutely love flying Jormungandr so I’m happy to get him :slight_smile: (although he will have to share one and the same rider and the set of gear with Namaka because I don’t have two maxed :sweat_smile: they will be swapping every couple of days)

Also (continue to be) disappointed about the vanished with no trace Assault.

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@Crisis is assault gone for good?

Dam that event was fun :confused:

Big banner event for me. Valens and Lusian.

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They never bothered to respond to this thread. I don’t expect a response here. Getting honest feedback and timetables regarding this game simply doesn’t happen. Do your quests this week and like it. :slight_smile:


Just getting part of Lusian. Haven’t pushed to get enough tokens for the whole thing cause for the next step I need to level from 410 to 435 and that ain’t happening in one fort lol. Probably not even two


This game is broken. Badly broken. Pathetic that PG keeps N-1 players forever on a high pace treadmill and yet never reaching relevancy in the game. It is shameful. Wasn’t there a boycott that at least in part was because costs are skyrocketing? Oh. Never mind. I guess its over now.

I’m not posting what I’m breeding because.
A) Not even sure if I can finish a single dragon despite having well over 200K of tokens.
B) Breeding anything on Red’s list that I have access too will NOT change my game play or impact me as a WD player in any positive way other than having a handy food dump.
C) No matter what I do, I’m forced to do it all over again in a month and still not have access to Abysmals.


I’ll be getting Zaru and part of A+A

XD i am the lowest level for the moment😂

I’ll breed Rizar, Kaiju, Nosfer, Cerbero and start Kelvin and Vulcan
I am level 103 :joy::joy: so yeah i can’t go further

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Breeding rhyo, hedran, and hopefully estril.
Have to grind some egg tokens out during the event to make the last one possible, but here’s hoping.

Seraph, Tuktu, Velens and probably 50k into Lusian. Really wish they’d bring assault back.

Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous they’ve literally said nothing after making such a big deal about bringing it back, with the fancy images and blog post that made it sound like it would be happening multiple times a season. What a waste but they couldnt allow us to have something we enjoyed so much and got actually good prizes from.

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Finishing off Rajin, then getting Wydrian and Sanguis. Gonna be a long event getting two harb dragons breedable. :sleeping:

Depends what they release for next batch of legendary dragons. I don’t know if any are coming out this breeding?

Otherwise I’m breeding more Garnet eggs for research. I need more 110 more to max out research.

@ 7k a pop that’s 770k eggs so I’ll probably only be getting about 35-60 depending on where I fall on the prizes… so I can complete at least 2 more research… maybe it costs less depending based on tier discounting? Hopefully someone can correct me.

Yes they’re releasing the second wave of legendaries. They were previewed last week

Should be able to breed the legendary Abysmals at 400. Just can’t hatch them until 435.

I’m in the same boat. At 405, probably looking at 3 Forts until 435, but figure I’m not going to run out of things to breed anytime soon with Abysmal Mythics and their ridiculous price tags on the near horizon.

Going to knock out Lusian this week, likely get an Oculex egg next month, and then see what the paths look like.

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