No Atlas is ruining Breeding event

The fact that PG was not thinking a head in their planning to take down Atlas in between Feeding and Breeding which causes the player base who just exhausted their Atlas food banks and not allowing enough time to fill them in between the events because of the maintenance. Now on top of not having atlas open for over 15 hours, we are losing the ability to have maximum experience runs with our newly hatched dragons causing us to lose time in the event progression since we are unable to level dragons faster. Something needs to be done to compensate all this loss time.


Strange, how did we ever manage to level dragons, when we did not even know about atlas :thinking:(last year)


:thinking: A bit misinterpretation I guess. Atlas allows obtaining more than 100% XP.
That said, 100%XP is totally possible (even solo).

Just back to an age before Atlas :wink:


There were XP bases last year, most are gone now.

Some are still there. Beeing Level 300, there are still enough bases to farm

So should they compensate all player who have never had atlas for the whole time?


Gorg bred >> hatched >> breedable
Ursa bred >> hatched >> breedable
Icicle bred >> hatched >> leveling

the fact that everyone is complaining about no atlas, doesn’t remember what it was like before atlas, that there are people who still don’t have access to atlas, yea it is PITA but suck it up buttercups. make some lemonade or keep complaining about lemons.


because if they accept your request, another request like this could raise and they also need to compensate non atlas player for the each breeding event they do without atlas.
This is where it leads to. Basically you want non atlas player to suck it up so maybe PG would tell you the same way


Please keep discussion civil and do not verbally attack other players. Thank you.


I’m kinda shocked at how mean people can be towards others for venting. No reason for it… Andys is frustrated, same as thousands of other players who do not have Atlas right now. It does suck, and it’s very frustrating. PG has apologized about this situation. There wasn’t much else they could do.

Was all this poorly planned? Yes. However, it wasn’t just PG’s fault. Do I think we should get compensation for this? No, we aren’t entitled to it. It’s a nice thought though.

Yes, there was a time before atlas was around for everyone where we depended on xp bases. Yes a lot of them are gone now (PG is implementing a system to bring xp bases to people without atlas) but there are still xP bases out there. Humans are creatures of habit, once something is introduced (atlas, invaded bases etc) it’s hard to go back to the old ways. I get this is a war game, but no reason to be mean to each other for the same frustrations everyone else is having currently.


Nobody needs to compensate anyone! (apart from the Atlas elite subscriptions)

This is like going to the corner cafe demanding free coffee after they were closed for 2 days for any reason.

This is not the end of the world, and it’s almost over. Soon you won’t even remember.


Nope none is needed on compensation cept paid elite i got tuku breedable and halfway on methalax so easy to do just look for right base now i got no more to breed :disappointed_relieved:

Do we have a time when atlas will be back up yet, as both updates are out now?

Oh come on this catering to iOS users is BS, if the update is out just activate Atlas already, there are android players here who’ve been waiting more than long enough on Atlas, IOS will log and see right away to update via msg in chat anyway.


Actually, I still do not have an update in the Apple store.

You’re right about that, but there still some xp bases that will give u good xp But not as good as atlas.

I’m on iOS, I do not feel as though I’m being catered to


Y’all already got the immensely faster loadtimes and other coding features they cbf to implement in android :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So not turning on atlas is catering to us? Ummm pretty sure we want atlas turned on too