No atlas rider this season?

I don’t see an atlas rider in the rider branch this season. There’s only blue shards, gold packs, and red shards are in place of where a unique rider’s shards would be. Also, will we be able to exchange red rider shards at some point? I have a million of these things and nothing to spend them on.

Crom already was an atlas rider, so he’s bought with blue shards and leveled to 50 with red rider shards. There are no rider-specific shards for him, except the new ones for 51-60 in the champion-rider branch.


Ahh ok, so basically they just revived him

The red rider shards in the line seem like a really odd choice. Surely the only people short on red rider shards would be more in need of blue rider shards? I hope no one is new enough to claim the red rider shards and be unable to hire crom because they’re short on blue

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I agree, ideally would have been better to do timers or something

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